Caliber Consulting hits organisation design project milestone

09 July 2020 2 min. read
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Caliber Consulting, a Dubai-based management consulting firm, has hit a major milestone this month, achieving the centennial mark by engaging with 150 clients in one of the firm’s key areas of specialisation: organisation design. 

Rani Salman, managing partner of Caliber, said that he is proud of the accomplishment. Salman founded the consulting firm in 2015, having previously gained related consultancy experience in the region at tier-one international counterparts Horváth & Partners (headquartered in Germany), The Palladium Group (Australia) and Gallup (US).

Caliber Consulting owes much of its success to its deep specialisation in the field, he said. While organisation design and charts were first introduced over two centuries ago in the 1800s, recent years has seen “major disruption” in how organisations are organising their people and activities, amid the rise of the gig workforce, technology blurring physical boundaries, changing supply chains and other styles of leadership and coordination, such as agile working.

“I think our clients realise that for ultimate success, there needs to be some science injected into organisation design,” said Salman. “An estimated 60% (or more) of organisation redesigns fail, and as a result many leaders are awakening to the need to deploy a more methodical approach.”

Caliber Consulting hits organisation design project milestone

Leveraging Caliber Consulting’s track record of over 100+ engagements in the field, spanning operating model development, restructuring, rightsizing, and organisational agility across a number of geographies, Caliber Consulting has developed a proven methodology for designing and implementing organisation design.

The consultancy also delivers accredited capability building programmes and workshops on organisation design, teaming up with some of the most respected figures in the space. In February, Caliber Consulting joined forces with Naomi Stanford – a renowned organisation design thought leader and author of best selling books on the subject – to bring a three day virtual course on the topic.

Part of Caliber Consulting’s methodology builds on an integrated approach, with key focus given to the human capital side of change. People and culture are notoriously important for making change happen, and in organisation design, “clients often realise that structure really isn’t the culprit. Our redesign lens shifts to other key organisation dimensions.” 

“Having this systems thinking and view of an organisation, is crucial when designing truly high performing and agile organisations. Ultimately, change is driven by people,” said Salman.