Consultants to deliver transport plan for The Red Sea Project

11 January 2021 2 min. read

Global engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald is now part of The Red Sea Project – among the largest and most sustainable planned tourism developments in the world. The Saudi-based project is planned for completion by 2030. 

The vision is a state-of-the-art tourist site on the Red Sea, featuring 50 hotels across 22 islands and six inland locations, spanning 8,000 hotel rooms and 1,300 residential properties. An unforgettable insight into Saudi culture aside, the project is also being lauded as one of the most sustainable tourist locations on the planet.

Following a new contract with The Red Sea Development Company, Mott MacDonald is now in charge of developing the project’s sustainable transport plan. The contract spans the entire duration of development, from the site’s launch in 2022 to its coimpletion nearly a decade later. And the tasks match the timeframe.

The Red Sea Development Porject

Broadly, Mott MacDonald will develop a strategy for clean mobility across the 28,000 square km tourist destination. Transportation modes span the traditional bikes, cars, buses, trucks, vans, ferries and boats, as well as the luxury class of golf buggies, seaplanes, helicopters, airside vehicles and off-roaders. Needless to say all modes will be either electric or emission-light.

Topping off the transportation strategy, the consultants will also work out the supporting infrastructure for this vast ecosystem, which includes charging stations for electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Plans are to use Saudi Arabia’s vast wind and solar reserves to make the project 100% renewable-driven.

“We believe that environmental regeneration and commercial development do not have to be mutually exclusive. Our destination is one of extraordinary natural beauty, which we have a responsibility to protect and enhance for future generations,” noted John Pagano, CEO of The Red Sea Development Company.

“We’re looking forward to working with Mott MacDonald, who are well aligned with our strong sustainability ambitions to deliver a green mobility plan and will support us with our commitment to become a carbon neutral destination.”

Progress report

The project, which is among the bright spots in the Middle East’s vibrant tourism sector, is currently in Phase One – four hotels and an international airport by the 2022 grand opening and the subsequent launch of another 12 hotels by 2023. By the end of this phase, the project will have 3,000 hotel rooms on five islands, topped off with two resorts on the mainland.

Mott MacDonald’s appointment joins 500 contracts that have been handed out for the project so far, adding up to more than $3 billion. The heavy investment signals the weight being given by Saudi Arabia to tourism and sustainability – two strategic imperatives for the country going forth.