Andersen Global enters Dubai with GN Global Consulting agreement

25 January 2018 3 min. read

Following its recent expansion into Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Andersen Global has stepped up its push into the Middle East with the addition of a presence in Dubai.

The collaboration agreement with GN Global Consulting sees Andersen Global, an international association of tax and legal advisory firms, continuing its expansion in the region to five countries. After launching in the Middle East last year through a collaboration with Egypt-based Maher Milad Iskander & Company, Andersen Global last month ramped up its presence in MENA with a collaboration with Beirut-headquartered Alem & Associates, adding a team of around 50 professionals to its footprint.

The addition of GN Global Consulting, an affiliate of Griffin Nagda, one of the oldest independent accounting firms in Dubai, comes at a time when many countries in the region are reviewing their tax regimes, particularly in the area of Value Added Tax (VAT). The UAE for instance started levying a 5% VAT* from January 2018 onwards, a move which will according to the officials provide the government with a new source of income which will be utilised to provide high-quality public services. 

“The terrain is changing in the Middle East as many countries are introducing tax regimes. It is becoming increasingly important that we expand and develop our practice in this region. The addition of GN Global Consulting extends our ability to take advantage of these opportunities and provide best-in-class services in this market,” commented Mark Vorsatz, Global Chairman and CEO of Andersen Tax. Andersen Global enters Dubai with GN Global Consulting agreement Andersen Tax was founded in the United States in September 2014, after a group of former Arthur Andersen partners acquired the rights to the iconic brand name Andersen, after which they rebranded their former company (WTAS) as Andersen Tax. Just over three years down the line, Andersen Tax is one of the largest independent tax firms in the world, with approximately 2,500 professionals worldwide and a presence in over 84 locations. 

The latest addition in the Middle East, GN Global Consulting, provides a range of tax services to both businesses and individuals within the United Arab Emirates and across the region. The professional services firm specialises in strategic tax planning, international tax consulting, US tax consulting and filing, and estate and trusts consulting as well as assistance in registration and compliance with the newly launched VAT regulations in the UAE. 

Commenting on joining Andersen Global, GN’s Managing Partner Abdul Wahid Nagda said “We have built our reputation based on quality, integrity, and providing superior services, and we look forward to working with a firm that shares these same values. The collaboration with Andersen Global will help us develop better solutions and provide even more outstanding cross-border services to our clientele.” 

With the expansion into Dubai, US-headquartered Andersen Global joins the likes of several other major consultancies who have recently nestled themselves in the country. In 2017, both Accuracy, a French-origin advisory company, and Miebach Consulting, a German supply consulting firm, landed in Dubai, while in 2016 among others management consultancy goetzpartners established a hub in the country.

* The VAT applies to all products and services, with some limited exceptions including basic food items, healthcare and education.