BCG roped in to support agricultural reforms in Egypt

09 April 2021 2 min. read

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is now an integral part of a nationwide effort to build resilience in Egypt’s economy – working specifically on supply chain development in the agricultural sector.

In focus are fish and corn – key products in Egypt’s agricultural landscape. The global US strategy consultancy is working with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development to examine supply chains for both commodities, and hone in on pressure points that could benefit from a logistical overhaul.

The goal is to strengthen the trade balance for both commodities, which will have the knock-on effects of boosting production, cutting inflation and boosting prosperity in the agricultural sector. Deputy Minister for Planning and Economic Development Ahmed Kamali explained the rationale behind the project. 

BCG roped in to support agricultural reforms in Egypt

Leaders from a number of related ministries formed a committee, which in consultation with Boston Consulting Group ran a detailed study on agriculture in Egypt. Crop production data was analysed, and a range of experts, farmers, suppliers and other stakeholders were interviewed to select fish and corn as the crops in focus.

These guard rails in place, the researchers gathered a host of feasibility information: optimum conditions for cooling fish and drying corn; cost of investment; impact on trade balance and the economy, etc. With this in hand, BCG will work with the ministry to make specific improvements with far-reaching benefits. 

Egypt Vision 2030

The project forms one part of a broader government drive to build economic resilience in Egypt – both in line with long-term Egypt Vision 2030 objectives as well as to support economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. The country was pegged a high-growth market before the crisis, and is keen to resume the growth trajectory.

According to Minister for Planning and Economic Development Hala El-Said, structural reforms are being introduced in myriad sectors to this end – in consultation with ministries, stakeholders and external advisors. Agriculture was put under the scanner for its potential to boost Egypt’s exports, while also bringing productivity, GDP and employment benefits. 

Now on board the project, BCG will help unlock this potential and chart the course to economic recovery and resilience.