Mast Consulting launches customer service app for consumers

18 August 2021 1 min. read
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Dubai-based Mast Consulting has launched a new platform and app that enables consumers in the UAE to rapidly connect with providers for post-sales service support.

The new app, branded as the ‘Customer Intelligence and Analytics App’ (CIAA), enables consumers to register the products they buy. When consumers down the line have a support question or require technical maintenance, they can use the app to seamlessly connect with the provider – and their service partners – for assistance.

“With the launch of our Customer Intelligence and Analytics App, we look forward to connecting customers, brands, and their partners on a single digital solution, which ensures the best user experience for all stakeholders,” said Abhay Pandey, the CEO of Mast Consulting. 

CIAA app

Leveraging the data accumulated by the app (consumers agree to sharing their data), the platform in turn “can provide significant value” to brands and partner companies that participate in the ecosystem. “CIAA establishes a secure channel for consumers to share their data, provide feedback, and also rate the quality of products and services. This will help brands understand what their end-users truly think and desire.” 

These insights can support a number of key processes in the sales, post-sales and customer service domain, including creating a more targeted experience for customers, powering cross-selling and upselling of new features and benefits, offering proactive support through early warning systems, managing the performance levels of service partners, and improving customer service based on client feedback.

“The app will empower brands to ramp up their insights and operations, powered by analytics and consumer intelligence,” explained Pandey. Formally launched last week, the app will in the coming months seek to establish itself as a mainstream platform for consumer-to-business customer services requests. 

Founded in 2015, Mast Consulting is an advisory firm that specialises in digital transformation. Its clients include the likes of Dubai International Finance Centre, Al Futtaim, Danube, Hitachi, and Panasonic.