Saudi’s Ministry of Justice, Devoteam and ServiceNow celebrate go live

20 January 2022 2 min. read

Following months of preparation, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice has taken into service its brand-new technology platform for service management.

Established in 1970, the Ministry of Justice oversees the administration of Saudi Arabia’s court system and the legal environment (derived from Islamic law) across the Kingdom.

As part of its long-term strategy (which aligns with Saudi’s National Transformation Program), the government agency is investing heavily in its digital capabilities. Highlighting the Ministry's ambition, by the end of this year, the ministry aims to provide over 80 percent of its services electronically.

Saudi’s Ministry of Justice, Devoteam and ServiceNow celebrate go live

One of the strategic internal-focus initiatives is the implementation of a new blueprint and system for service management processes. Powered by the ServiceNow technology stack, the new approach enhances the performance of the support ecosystem within the ministry, which includes IT improvement, technical support, and managed services.

Working together with consultants and technology experts from Devoteam and ServiceNow, the project team tasked with the transition first set out to collect all the ‘business requirements’, after which these were prioritised (including a benchmark against best practices) and funnelled into a blueprint.

With the scope and roadmap clear, the project team built and configured the system, and conducted a gap assessment for stakeholders across processes, systems, and governance. Having received the green light for the system’s launch, and trained the end-users on the new ways of working, the platform formally (and seamlessly) went live mid-December.

Commenting on the go-live, Emad Mustafa, a Director at Devoteam, said: “A big congratulations to the brilliant team including experts from the ministry, our strategic partner ServiceNow and of course our own engagement team on this major success.”

With Devoteam still on board at the ministry supporting its broader digital transformation agenda, Mustafa added, “We are very proud of our strategic partnership with the Ministry of Justice and we look forward to continue supporting them in their amazing digital transformation journey.”