Catherine Jeha on the importance of change management training

30 November 2022 2 min. read

After years of research on why certain changes succeeded and others with similar parameters failed, Jeff Hiatt – the founder of Prosci – was surprised to discover that the reason for success or failure had to do with one key theme: people.

Decades of practical examples has shown that resistance to change is an emotional and natural response. Resistance comes with a price tag, with a negative attitude and hesitation to change translating into a less committed workforce and lower productivity.

To overcome this backlash, change management methodologies are adopted with the aim of guiding people through their change journey and equipping them with the right baggage and tools.

Catherine Jeha, Head of Training & Development, ProClipse Consulting

This is where Prosci change management training comes in. “It plays a big role in equipping change managers with the Prosci methodology, tools and resources that are essential to achieving success,” says Catherine Jeha, Partner and Head of Training & Development at ProClipse Consulting.

“This is key to ensure that they can succeed in their role – ensuring that that organizational projects meet objectives on time and on budget by increasing employee adoption and usage.”

In addition, training equips change managers with effective tools that are required to support, and help sponsors, and people managers fulfill their role’s responsibilities to help their teams transition successfully through their own individual journey. “Change managers are the ambassadors of change and serve as the epicentre of knowledge.”

Throughout her 25-year career in the field, Jeha has seen the importance of training unfold on dozens on occasions.

Recognized for her influential and effective design and delivery of management, interpersonal and executive coaching programs for over 25 years, Jeha is a Prosci Certified Advanced Instructor, specializing in supporting and equipping organizations in building change management ready organization by building their internal capabilities. At the forefront of entrepreneur development, she tailors and customizes leadership solutions.

“Being able to deliver Prosci change management trainings is one of the most rewarding experiences in my career life. Watching how managers and employees transform to become equipped advocates to manage, lead and support individuals to increase productivity, promote engagement, increase benefit realization, value creation, and achieve results and outcomes is gratifying,” she said.

A result-driven consultant, Jeha has built extensive knowledge and expertise in guiding individuals and organizations on the change management side of business transformation.

Passionate about people development, Jeha helps leaders to think strategically about change management and with how they can lead effective change themselves. She also helps individuals to connect with their inner wisdom to stimulate change and create transformation at a deeper level.