INDEVCO Consultancy's Operational Excellence Academy training hits milestone

20 June 2023 3 min. read

The Operational Excellence Academy of INDEVCO Consultancy has hit a milestone, with its ‘Feelings for Professionals’ training delivered over 50 times to leadership classes seeking to sharpen their customer experience mindset and skillset.

Launched several years ago to complement its consulting work, INDEVCO Consultancy’s Academy provides a comprehensive range of leadership and technical training programs and courses – centered around organizational change, operational excellence, and continuous improvement.

The Academy delivers its courses as an integral part of INDEVCO Consultancy’s capability building and knowledge transfer approach at clients, as well as a standalone offering which includes over a dozen courses and workshops.

INDEVCO Consultancy's Operational Excellence Academy training hits milestone

The ‘Feelings for Professionals’ course is part of the customer experience offering, helping participants improve the way they engage with customers. As per the training outline, the course “helps sharpen skills for dealing with customers, and improve communications and cooperation with other employees.”

“The program fosters individuals to shift in attitudes and behaviors, teaches cutting-edge customer service skills and principles, and boosts the self-esteem, sense of pride, and professionalism across all members of the organization,” explained Wissam Mussaed, head of Academy at INDEVCO Consultancy.

The key outcome: raising the awareness of customer needs and improving the handling of customer requests – ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

“It is one of our most outstanding courses,” Mussaed enthused. “The program has demonstrated its benefits across all facets of customer connection, such as awareness, engagement, and internal collaboration – essential traits for any business that aims to provide an excellent customer service.”

Mastering such traits in turn provides a competitive advantage. “Excellence in customer experience and service can allow the company to have an edge over the competition, especially in a fiercely competitive environment. And that in turn will provide great returns on investment – better customer satisfaction, higher retention, and the acquisition of new customers will lead to higher revenues.”

Success stories

Having delivered the course more than 50 times externally and inhouse across the Middle East, Mussaed has a long list of examples backing up these claims.

One particularly successful case came from an engagement with the Carlton Nutrition Center. Mussaed recalled that having delivered the Feelings for Professionals training to Carlton Nutrition Center employees in its two branches, in Dammam and Bahrain, staff soon found they were much better equipped to handle difficult situations.

“They were able to connect professionally with customers,” he elaborated. “This meant they could better deal with stressful situations and improve customer satisfaction. The management noticed a significant improvement in the team’s performance. Overall, the training had a positive impact on all the team members and helped them regain their passion for quality care service.”

Directors from both centres told Mussaed that while staff enjoyed the training, it indeed also positively changed the way they communicated with customers. In particular, they benefited from different scenarios discussed during the sessions, as they covered real-case situations they faced at work. “They were also very complimentary of the follow-up sessions we did!”

Available in Arabic and English, the training is applicable to industries of all sorts. “The training is tailored to the specifics of sectors and brings theory and practice together for an integral approach. Over the course of its workshops, attendees can mirror their real-life work in handling customer inquiries, complaints, and issues – leading to increased adoption of best practices.”

In the customer experience landscape, INDEVCO Consultancy is a CXPA recognized training provider (RTP).