INDEVCO Consultancy's Cyber offering covers risk, tech and people

07 July 2023 4 min. read
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Facing an ever-growing cyber risk landscape, INDEVCO Consultancy’s cybersecurity line of business is in high demand. Through an integral approach – covering risk, tech and people – the practice helps organizations safeguard digital assets.

Cyber attacks have been around almost as long as computers themselves, with the first attacks traced back to the late 80’s. But the rapid digitisation of the economy – in combination with the relative ease with which attacks can be conducted and the impact they can have – has turned cyber attacks into one of the most feared risks for any company.

According to an estimate by RiskBased Security, there were over 40 billion records exposed in data breaches in 2022 alone. These and other forms of attacks come with a hefty price tag: analysis by Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the cost of cybercrime globally will reach $10 trillion annually by 2025, up from $3 trillion a decade previous.

INDEVCO Consultancy's Cyber offering covers risk, tech and people

As with any risk around, the key to mitigation lies in a proactive approach to prevention, and if risks do (unfortunately) materialise, in effective resolution. This is where INDEVCO Consultancy’s Cybersecurity offerings come in.

Part of the firm’s IT Solutions & Consultancy practice (which helps clients with technology roadmaps and several aspects of digital transformation), the Cybersecurity offering supports organizations with the three main areas for effectively tackling cyber: risk, technology, and people.

The process kicks off with developing insights in the state of the cyber landscape, which feeds into the information security plans, said Chadi Khadij, who leads the Cybersecurity proposition of INDEVCO Consultancy. Part of this process includes separating the wheat from the chaff: “We bring into focus what the critical assets are – these require the highest level of security.”

The firm’s team of experts then work with technology and risk teams to design cyberproof processes. “This includes ensuring that the right security controls are in place, and that there is a continuous system of threat monitoring, risk assessment, and a governance cycle for resolution.”

Ensuring the technology foundation – across applications, networks and the different system layers – is robust and secure is another key element of successful mitigation. “Across the cyber landscape, we see a range of incidents emerging rapidly, from general cyber attacks and ransomware, to phishing attacks, data hacks, and intellectual property theft,” said Khadij.

For all types of attacks, the intent is to try to always be one step ahead of e-criminals. “Our cyber experts run social engineering assessments as well as perform penetration tests to identify potential security weaknesses. These weaknesses can then be resolved before a vulnerability is exploited.”

In tandem with Acronis

With the support of technology, the process of threat and attack monitoring can be massively improved. To this end, INDEVCO Consultancy works in tandem with Acronis, one of the world’s leading providers of cyber protection platforms. Currently over 500,000 businesses and over 16,000 service providers use Acronis solutions.

An authorised service provider of Acronis, INDEVCO Consultancy’s team partnered with Acronis to attain all necessary skills and expertise, and is certified to implement the company’s solutions at clients. “Bringing together our deep consulting expertise in cyber, with their extensive cloud platform, means that we can cover all aspects of digitally securing the organization,” said Khadij.

“Our team members are experts in offering different Acronis services from data security and recovery solutions, backup, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity, to endpoint management and control.”

Putting weight to his words, Khadij pointed at one client in the industrial space where INDEVCO Consultancy brought this approach to life within the domain of operational technology. “Our team helped the client implement an operational technology security roadmap, ensuring a secure network, secure data, and continuous system availability without downtime. The setup prevents threats, rebuffs cyber attacks, and protect systems from malwares.”

The people risk

An integral part of INDEVCO Consultancy’s cybersecurity proposition focuses on the people-side of prevention. While much of the focus on cyber breaches typically goes to technicalities, research papers over the years have identified human behavior as more of a risk than external intruders. A 2022 study by IBM for instance found that human error is the main cause of over 9 out of 10 cyber breaches.

“Successfully securing cyber frontiers goes way beyond IT and governance. It’s also about managing human risks,” stated Khadij.

To deliver the needed change in behaviors, INDEVCO Consultancy’s team “makes sure that the security strategy and policies comply with latest standards, cybersecurity awareness trainings are delivered to employees, zero-trust solutions are embedded across the organization, and that human risks are constantly monitored.”