Q&A with Omar Yamak, CEO of homegrown expert network Infoquest

18 December 2023 Consultancy-me.com 3 min. read
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Launched at the start of this year, Infoquest has rapidly grown to offer a homegrown alternative to the world’s major expert networks, serving consulting firms, private equity funds, and corporations seeking on demand market insights and deep subject matter expertise. We asked CEO Omar Yamak six questions about the firm’s growth and ambitions.

To start with, what is an expert network exactly?

In simple terms, an expert network is a network that connects companies and individuals seeking certain information to subject matter experts.

Traditionally, larger consulting firms and institutional investors have used these services to access on-demand information, essentially empowering their decision-making when advising clients and/or initiating investment decisions. This helped them stay ahead of the competition in their respective fields.

Q&A with Omar Yamak, CEO of homegrown expert network Infoquest

Omar Yamak, Mahmoud Bazerbashi and Infoquest team members

Infoquest is the first Middle East-grown expert network firm. We empower better business decision-making in the region by connecting consultants, investors, and other strategists with on-demand niche insights through our unique research-first methodology.

Can you describe Infoquest’s role in the GCC's economic development?

Infoquest is pivotal in the GCC’s growth, especially in supporting Saudi Vision 2030. Our expert network firm connects several governmental agencies and consulting firms working towards the vision with global subject matter experts for informed decision-making. This helps them benchmark all types of entities to ensure our region’s development exceeds Western standards, which we are seeing first-hand.

How does Infoquest revolutionize access to expertise in the region?

We bridge knowledge gaps by providing on-demand, niche insights from a global network of experts, enhancing strategic decisions and policy formulations in all types of sectors such as aerospace, renewable energy, or other emerging markets.

What is Infoquest’s mission?

Infoquest’s mission is to continue to democratize knowledge sharing in the GCC by building the most trusted, innovative, and accessible knowledge-sharing platform in the region.

In only 1 year of operation, we have been able to partner with serval leading startups, corporates, and 80% of the tier 2 and 3 consulting players in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

What sets Infoquest apart in terms of accessing subject matter experts?

We follow a simple, yet very effective unique methodology when connecting our clients to experts. Through cutting-edge AI technology, a robust compliance framework, and experienced research specialists; we have built a custom-sourcing approach to finding experts.

This methodology has allowed us to compete with larger traditional networks that have a somewhat outdated database of experts that might not be perfect fits for our client’s studies.

What future collaborations is Infoquest looking at?

We are open to collaborating with any entity interested in accessing knowledge. Also, we strongly encourage exploring the expert network industry to see how Infoquest is driving business growth and success.

Omar Yamak co-founded Infoquest with Mahmoud Bazerbashi. The firm operates with hubs in Beirut and Dubai.