Infoquest is the first MEA-based expert network firm and has grown to become a homegrown alternative to the world's major expert networks. We empower better business decision-making in the GCC and beyond by connecting clients directly to subject matter experts for on-demand niche market insights. 

Infoquest’s team of highly experienced research specialists, backed by cutting-edge AI technology and a robust global network, has allowed us to be trusted by 80% of the international consulting firms in the region and hundreds of corporations.

Our services include:

Phone Calls: Engage in virtual consultations with custom-vetted subject matter experts, each with specialized knowledge in distinct industries or companies.

Long Term engagements: Onboard subject matter experts and former management consultants to be directly part of your delivery team throughout the entire lifecycle of your project, ensuring continuous insight and guidance.

Proposal Enhancement: Access a pool of experts to include in your team's roster for your following bid/proposal to increase your chances of winning.

Benchmarks: Our network of former management consultants and industry-specific experts can help you explore competitors, market shares, and pricing dynamics in your industry economically yet comprehensively.

Additional services include Surveys, Panels, and Keynote Speakers.

Contact us at to learn how we can help you access the info you need.

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