How Swissmen is transforming the expert network industry

16 January 2024 4 min. read
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Swissmen is an expert network that provides customized information solutions and insights to organizations – including many consulting firms. Layal Bourhan, Director of Business Intelligence at Swissmen, outlines how the network is empowering the region with its pioneering business model.

Headquartered in Dubai, Swissmen provides organisations across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa with rapid and tailored access to expert insights, backed by a smart technology-driven process that ensures processes are fast, smooth, and cost-effective.

By leveraging AI and intelligent tools, Swissmen can provide clients – consulting firms, investment firms, family offices, SMEs, and corporations – value at a lower margin than traditional expert networks and recruitment firms.

How Swissmen is transforming the expert network industry

Traditional expert networks have long supplied industries with subject matter experts from healthcare to crypto and everything in between. While their role remains necessary, the industry continues to revolutionize – to a large extent driven by the rise of AI-driven networks.

The key differentiator of AI-driven networks lies in their superior data processing capabilities, which has powerful means to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of projects by analyzing enormous amounts of data faster, finding accurate profiles and relevant insights, and delivering actionable outcomes on time.

Swissmen: 5 ways the network stands out

So, how exactly does Swissmen come to play? At Swissmen, our firm foundation stands on the following statement: ‘Making expert networks more accurate and accessible’. This is achieved through the following:

Advanced search mechanisms
We have built an in-house platform that uses a unique operating model to integrate cutting-edge technology into the network, allowing us to optimize the search process drastically, navigate through large databases within seconds, and identify relevant industry expert profiles based on each project's requirements, thus saving clients time post-call. 

Reliable collaborations
Swissmen’s user-friendly interface, backed with progressive search algorithms, simplifies processes and helps clients effortlessly tap into the knowledge they need. Our smart platform is home to many great minds around the world, where their extensive expertise is shared with reliable sources that can utilize the knowledge to make business decisions with ease.

Workflow & productivity improvement
Streamlining how clients oversee their projects using the Swissmen platform, clients can manage their accounts, communicate their project needs, approve expert profiles, and schedule calls at the click of a button.

Eliminating tedious tasks
Saving precious time by simplifying the process through Swissmen business automation workflow used to integrate automation into daily operations by implementing various tools and software solutions to remove notoriously repetitive tasks that cause subsequent delays and are error-prone, leaving clients focused on what truly matters.

Cost-effective business model

Using smart machine learning in our daily processes has resulted in lower business operational costs. Thus, we are able to provide clients with a cost-effective business model to optimize their information needs at a fraction of what is paid to alternative networks, leading to far higher client satisfaction rates.

Furthermore, all client segments have the flexibility to follow a pay-as-you-go payment model, with payments only made upon usage.

On-demand knowledge

Swissmen works with clients globally, providing companies of all sizes the intelligence they require to drive success. We hold a stronger footprint in the EMEA region, particularly the GCC, due to the remarkable growth and development in recent years (and the shortage of expertise to meet market demand).

We have witnessed a 40% increase in the number of expert consultations in the last quarter, specifically from consultancies, institutional firms, and family offices, with 78% of requests related to current initiatives from Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia to the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the We The UAE 2031 agenda.

As the business landscape continues to evolve rapidly, we expect to continue our rapid growth in 2024.

In a nutshell

Looking ahead, Swissmen continues to advance its position in the industry through its smart platform capabilities and cost-effective business model, making it stand out from the rest of the competition. Our dedication to creating long-term valuable partnerships with clients and reshaping how they obtain real-time insights into a convenient and reliable process remains the core motivation of everyday operations.