Bauer Aviation Advisory flies into the future as BAA & Partners

22 January 2024 2 min. read
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Three years after flying onto the stage as Bauer Aviation Advisory, the firm has now rebranded as BAA & Partners. “This strategic rebranding represents a significant milestone in the firm’s evolution – and future,” said company founder and managing director Linus Benjamin Bauer.

BAA & Partners has seen strong growth since its inception just three years ago. Launched by industry executive Linus Benjamin Bauer, the firm has nestled a solid position in the market through a specialist focus on aviation, an innovative hybrid business model, and a focus on quality with all its staff enjoying a proven 15+ year track record in the sector.

Today, BAA & Partners comprises a team of around 20 core staff and a network of more than 125 aviation specialists. The firm serves the Middle East and Asia markets.

Bauer Aviation Advisory flies into the future as BAA & Partners

Commenting on the name change, Bauer said: “The transformation into BAA & Partners represents more than a name change; it symbolizes our progression and readiness to confront future challenges in the aviation and management consulting sectors.”

Asked about the thinking behind the move, Bauer said that Bauer Aviation Advisory was already often referred to as its acronym BAA, with the addition of ‘& Partners’ symbolizing the firm’s deeply rooted approach to working with subject-matter experts and partner firms in the management consulting space.

Supporting the fresh brand is the slogan ‘Navigating Tomorrow's Skies’, which according to the company founder embodies the firm’s “progressive vision and commitment to leading the way” in the dynamic aviation sector. “It really reflects our focus on anticipating future trends in management consulting and aviation innovations.”

Looking ahead, Bauer said the firm is poised for another year of growth, not just in size but also in stature. The latter was confirmed last year when BAA & Partners was named one of the leading aviation consulting firms in the Middle East, with 2024 so far opening bright after landing a prestigious engagement for the Pakistani government.