Awtada's role in the development of Saudi's sports sector

03 April 2024 3 min. read
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Saudi Arabia’s bourgeoning sports sector has made great strides since the launch of Vision 2030. Leaders from Jeddah-based management consultancy Awtada outline how the firm plays a frontrunning role in the sector’s development.

At Awtada, we are committed to contributing to the growth and development of the sports industry by leveraging our passion for sports and our belief in its ability to transform lives and industries.

We recognize that sports have a significant impact on individuals, communities, and societies, and so we have partnered with various sports federations in Saudi Arabia to make a difference and help them align their objectives with the Saudi Vision 2030.

Awtada's role in the development of Saudi's sports sector

Awtada’s partnerships with sports federations help enhance the growth of the sports industry in Saudi Arabia. We work with them in formulating strategic plans that focus on developing infrastructure, training programs, talent identification, and sports events. Our expertise goes beyond the planning phase as we ensure the effective implementation of these strategies, leading to measurable outcomes and continuous improvement.

Along with providing strategic consulting and implementation support services, we are actively involved in designing community sports programs to foster active engagement from various members of targeted communities, nurturing social cohesion as well as personal development.

In action: The Pentathlon Federation

Our dedication to supporting the sports sector is exemplified by our partnership with the Saudi Arabian Modern Pentathlon Federation (SMPF). Collaborating closely with SMPF, we worked with them on developing their strategy and provided implementation support to help them meet the requirements set by the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee (SOPC) as part of the annual operational evaluation for all federations.

We worked diligently with the executive team and the strategy committee comprised of Board Members of the Federation who have previous experience in management consulting which is a testament of the collaborative model we promote at Awtada with our clients. In a collaborative effort with SMPF, we conducted multiple workshops that acted as a platform to discuss recommendations, and needs, and share knowledge.

Through a comprehensive assessment of SMPF operations and processes, we identified SMPF’s strengths to increase its impact and highlighted their areas of improvement to enhance the efficiency of its operations and compliance with the SOPC standards. Our partnership with SMPF has allowed them to place emphasis on their highly organised governance structure, streamline their operations, identify growth opportunities, and increase their chances of securing higher funding.

By working with SMPF to fortify its structure and refine its operational framework, our collaborative efforts positioned the federation for sustainable growth in the future.

Positive impact

Our ultimate objective at Awtada is to have a positive impact on key emerging sectors in Saudi Arabia including sports. We believe the sports industry is a catalyst for growth in Saudi Arabia, and we strive to align the industry’s goals with the Saudi Vision 2030 and contribute to building a vibrant society that enhances the quality of life for Saudi citizens.