Nasser Alqahtani reflects on Frost & Sullivan's internship program

17 April 2024 3 min. read

In line with its ambition to attract and nurture top Saudi graduates, Frost & Sullivan recently introduced a round-the-year internship program. Now four months into the program, Nasser Alqahtani reflects on his experience, the firm’s culture, and the learning steep curve.

What about Frost & Sullivan attracted you to join the training program?

Several factors drew me to join Frost & Sullivan’s training program. First and foremost, the work environment stood out to me. It seemed conducive to learning and growth, which is essential for my professional development.

Secondly, the variety and scope of projects that Frost & Sullivan handles caught my attention. The firm’s diverse portfolio provides a rich learning experience with opportunities to tackle challenging and impactful work.

Nasser Alqahtani reflects on Frost & Sullivan's internship program

I was further very excited about the company’s canvas of work in the consultancy space, which is growing significantly. Joining Frost & Sullivan at this pivotal time felt like a unique opportunity to prove my worth and contribute significantly.

How would you describe the Frost & Sullivan culture?

The culture at Frost & Sullivan is incredibly welcoming, making it easy for new members to integrate and feel part of the team from day one. This sense of belonging is crucial for fostering collaboration and innovation. The organization is filled with talented colleagues who possess amazing minds, which is inspiring and adds to the learning experience.

As a firm, Frost & Sullivan cultivates a supportive culture that emphasizes learning and growth. Everyone is encouraged to share knowledge, ask questions, and seek guidance, creating an environment where continuous improvement is the norm. This combination of a welcoming atmosphere, talented colleagues, and a supportive, learning-focused culture makes Frost & Sullivan an exceptional place to work and grow professionally.

What skills and knowledge have you acquired so far?

During my training at Frost & Sullivan, I acquired a wealth of skills and knowledge that have been instrumental in my professional development. The diverse projects and challenges I encountered sharpened my ability to analyze data, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

Working on both government and private sector projects also allowed me to significantly enhance my communication and social skills. These experiences taught me how to effectively convey complex ideas and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders.

Additionally, the necessity to manage multiple projects simultaneously honed my time management and planning skills. Learning to juggle various responsibilities while maintaining high standards of quality was invaluable. Overall, the training provided by Frost & Sullivan was comprehensive, covering critical areas that have equipped me with a robust set of skills essential for success in my career.

What are your aspirations after completing the internship program?

Post-training, I aspire to become one of the lead consulting analysts within Frost & Sullivan. I am confident in my ability to contribute significantly to an already well-established team, bringing both my pre-existing skills and the new ones I acquired during the training. Additionally, the expansion of my connections list through networking within the industry is a crucial asset.

To sum up your training in two words, what would they be?

I would opt for ‘exciting’ and ‘problem-solving’. It was exciting to work on multiple projects and solve various challenges that came with their execution. Was a great learning experience that has helped me grow as an individual. Each challenge encountered was a chance to apply new skills, deepen my understanding, and further my development.