Layla Almualem's internship experience at Frost & Sullivan in KSA

07 May 2024 2 min. read

Saudi national Layla Mansour has kickstarted her career at Frost & Sullivan. Now three months into the firm’s internship program in KSA, she reflects on her journey of growth and learning at the growth-focused advisory firm.

What about Frost & Sullivan attracted you to join the training program?

I thought that the training program at Frost & Sullivan would offer me a unique opportunity to understand the Saudi market, the current key trends, and the disruptions observed in the industry.

The training program offered me a great start for my career as a consultant because of the valuable insights and expert knowledge that I have access to here.

Layla Mansour's internship experience at Frost & Sullivan in KSA

What has been your experience so far?

My experience has been amazing so far. I’ve been part of the Frost & Sullivan team for almost three months now and I had the chance to work on multiple different topics and projects. I really appreciate how flexible this job has been so far because I got to learn about so many different development projects ongoing in the kingdom and other growth opportunities that most investors are currently pursuing.

How would you describe the culture at Frost & Sullivan?

The firm’s culture is very welcoming and inviting, everyone treats each other with respect. There is also a lot of collaboration in some projects and our efforts are always appreciated.

What skills and knowledge did you acquire during the training and how do you envision applying the same in the future in the field of work?

In just three months, I’ve learned a lot. Besides other professional skills, my research and analytics skills have improved. For example, I have learned how to gather the important information we need and where to look for it. I have also learned how to initiate contact with potential clients, to get the necessary insights I need for the project I am working on.

Where do you see yourself after the training? What are your aspirations?

I would love to be part of the Frost & Sullivan family. The experience has been full of “knowledge enrichment” opportunities and I think it would be amazing if I can grow as a consultant within the company.

About Frost & Sullivan’s internship program
All year round, Frost & Sullivan welcomes interns from reputed universities to its Riyadh office where they support the firm’s strategic work for clients and research development activities. Interns are provided extensive support and counsel from colleagues and mentors, paving the way for a thriving professional future. The internship is for a minimum period of three months.

Since the program’s successful launch, it has helped equip Saudi youth with key career skills and provided them with the fundament for a promising future.