Roland Berger and Microsoft team up for end-to-end AI

21 May 2024 3 min. read

Roland Berger is stepping up its AI capabilities in the UAE through a new partnership with Microsoft – one of the leaders in the AI technology landscape.

“Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, including generative AI, is a top priority for executive teams across industries. With this collaboration, we will be able to support our clients throughout their entire AI value creation journey” said Elias Aad, Senior Partner at Roland Berger and Head of Digital and Entrepreneurship practice.

Indeed, the potential of AI has been taking the business landscape by storm. And more recently, the rise of generative AI has similarly unlocked a whole new dimension of more easily accessible AI-driven value.

Roland Berger and Microsoft team up for end-to-end AI

Microsoft is one of the leaders in the AI space, with its AI suite and generative AI tool Copilot seeing rapid uptake over the past period. 

Under the new collaboration, organizations in the UAE seeking to adopt Microsoft as the tech fundament for their AI endeavours can now turn to Roland Berger for guidance. The strategic consulting firm will lead AI strategy advisory, such as developing use cases (both top line and bottom line), and support the integration of AI applications into functions.

“This collaboration between Microsoft and Roland Berger will support organizations throughout their AI journey by leveraging each organization’s business strategy, technology capabilities, and access to deep knowledge in the AI space. We are simply putting strategy, execution, and top tech capabilities into play, and this is monumental for our clients,” said Aad.

Use cases across sectors

Roland Berger said that the technology can generate value across various sectors and domains. For example, in the public sector, AI could enhance government operations with AI-driven efficiencies and innovations tailored to better meet citizen needs.

In financial services, there is potential to empower banks and financial institutions to elevate risk management, fraud detection, and customer service through sophisticated AI tools. In telecom, AI-powered solutions can help optimize network management and enhance customer experiences. In energy, AI could assist companies with increasing operational efficiency and promoting sustainable practices using advanced analytics.

Aad said that these examples are just the tip of the iceberg, with so many more around that can make a positive impact. “Today, businesses are facing increasingly complex environments and strategic challenges, and we believe AI is a key enabler to advance the attainment of business objectives.”

Microsoft meanwhile said the company was delighted to team up with a “leading consultancy” such as Roland Berger. 

Naim Yazbeck, General Manager of Microsoft in the UAE, stated: “At Microsoft, we understand the importance of our partners in helping us deliver the best possible experience for our customers. By working closely with leading companies such as Roland Berger, we are able to equip our customers with the know-how, tools and resources they need to succeed in their AI journey.”

“We look forward to commencing this journey with Roland Berger, allowing us to deliver innovative and impactful AI solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.”