Acuvon Consulting awarded by Misk for youth empowerment efforts

27 June 2024 3 min. read

Acuvon Consulting, a boutique consultancy firm based in Saudi Arabia, has been lauded by Misk for the success of its talent partnership with the foundation.

Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s ambitious blueprint for empowerment and societal transformation, emphasizes the development of human capital as a cornerstone for sustainable growth.

In line with their commitment to Vision 2030, Acuvon Consulting and Misk Foundation established a partnership a while back, with the aim to bridge the gap between graduates and the evolving demands of the local job market, offering practical training and hands-on experience crucial for career readiness.

Acuvon Consulting awarded by Misk for youth empowerment efforts

Misk’s career growth program is designed to equip Saudi youth with the skills and trainings needed to thrive in today’s dynamic work environment. The program also provides youth the opportunity to gain experience across various sectors, among others at Acuvon Consulting.

“Misk’s collaboration with Acuvon Consulting not only prepares Saudi youth for the challenges of the modern workplace but also enriches their learning with real-world applications. Their exposure within our consulting teams and working with our diverse clientele enhances their technical skills and helps develop their professional competencies,” said Fadi Dole, KSA Associate Partner and General Manager Arabia at Acuvon Consulting.

For Misk, the partnership extends the positive impact it provides to Saudi Arabia’s youth, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the workforce of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, for Acuvon Consulting, the collaboration “not only strengthens our commitment to corporate social responsibility but also reinforces our position as a leader in fostering talent development and innovation within the Kingdom,” said Dole.

A career in consulting

Youth that successfully complete the Misk program with top credentials can land a job at Acuvon Consulting, as exemplified by Hatem Alahmari and Abdulaziz Alghamdi, who both came through this trajectory and are now a consultant at the firm.

“After applying for a full-time job on May 18th, I was thrilled to receive an offer by June 13th, showcasing the swift and efficient collaboration between Acuvon Consulting and Misk Foundation,” reflected Alahmari.

“This seamless recruitment process highlighted their appreciation of my abilities and potential for further development. My journey with Acuvon Consulting as a fresh graduate has been profoundly enlightening, offering me the chance to make a meaningful impact within a dynamic organization. I eagerly anticipate the opportunities to learn and achieve even more in this inspiring environment.”

Alghamdi said, “I started my journey with Misk through the Misk Startup School Masterclasses and a Virtual Work Experience as a Junior Associate at Boston Consulting Group, gaining practical skills in startup development and consulting. After learning about Acuvon Consulting through Misk, I applied and underwent a smooth interview process, which led to a full-time job offer.”

“As a Business Analyst, I aim to contribute significantly in the short term and advance into a strategic consulting role long-term. Acuvon Consulting’s multinational presence, diverse team, and mission to improve profitability and growth align with my career goals. Joining the team has been transformative, and I am excited to support its mission.”

In acknowledgment of Acuvon Consulting’s commitment to the program, Misk has awarded the consulting firm with an award.