We are a regional strategy and management consulting firm covering the MENA region, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2015 by partners from tier 1 management consultancies with more than 50 years of combined professional experience.

Since its setup, our firm has experienced tremendous success and growth, doubling its workforce and revenues at multiple stages and establishing partnerships with leading private and public sector institutions in the GCC. We focus on helping our clients in strategy execution and team enablement to deliver on our value proposition.

We put to work our methodology, tools, expertise to manage and deliver projects with the highest standards and quality. The latter, combined with our vast experience in leading projects in the MENA region, gives us a competitive edge in achieving sought-after impact and implementable recommendations.

We aim to complement the typical management consulting model by offering our clients hands-on, flexible, and quality support. With an entrepreneurial mindset at the heart of the firm, we build on our consulting offerings by helping our clients add new revenue streams and gain experience in other industries through exhaustive support in incubating new businesses, as well as setting up and operationalizing corporate ventures.


Our mission is to work together with our clients to develop practical high impact solutions, and to empower them to achieve a sustainable transformation through hands-on knowledge and capabilities transfer.

Our Culture

Our culture is based on delivering impact to our clients through collaboration between all team members. 

We are proud to be one strong family. Our unity stems from the solid bond between colleagues. Whether you are an Analyst, Manager, or Partner, you can evolve in a non-hierarchical environment. Our team is full of young and ambitious individuals from diverse backgrounds with one key ingredient; an entrepreneurial mindset. We propose innovative approaches to solving complex problems, which reinforces our culture with every iteration.

We value our people, respect their personal aspirations, and strive to empower our family by equipping them with the right capabilities and experiences to excel and to achieve their full potential.

This culture is an integral part of our value proposition, enabling us to deliver professional services that our clients respect, while at the same time, empowering us to serve our clients with fearless integrity.