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We offer significant hands-on learning opportunities and only employ individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets who are interested in gaining topic expertise and sharpening their skills.

At PACS, we believe that our people should be our prime focus. As a PACSer, you will gain exposure to a wide variety of experiences by working on challenging and exciting topics with major regional entities, along with top-notch and bright minded individuals from diverse career and education backgrounds. You will have the opportunity to grow and develop rapidly following a clear career path. We heavily invest in our people and make sure they are well equipped with the right tools to reach their utmost potential through regular trainings and mentoring sessions which aim to develop necessary skillsets on a professional and interpersonal level. 

PACS provides multiple programs, including the Buddy program, the mentoring  program and MBA sponsorship opportunities for top employees.

Life At PACS

Life goes beyond work. Thus, at PACS, we encourage your quest to discover what really interests and matters to you, and support your pursuits outside the office.

When it comes to your well-being, we firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle shapes a healthy mind. We reflect this in practice by regularly incorporating fitness activities and team sports events into our schedules.

Team spirit is a core value to us, and we are always looking for means to reinforce it. The “social committee” regularly organizes social events such as parties, night outings, and other team activities. Each year, the team organizes an end-of-year trip to celebrate accomplished successes and achievements.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Our teams are formed of talented multinational individuals that have significant previous industry and consulting expertise and deep knowledge of the Middle East & North African markets.
  • Whether you are a fresh graduate out of college or a seasoned executive, we are looking year-round for talented, experienced individuals with sharp analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • The career journey at PACS is clear and follows an accelerated path based on the employee’s performance.


The interviews enable us to learn more about you on a professional and personal level. It is also an opportunity for you to discover more about PACS, our people and environment. Throughout the recruitment process, we typically conduct 4 or more interviews.

The interview has 3 main parts:

Fit interview
The main aim from this part of the interview is to get to know you. We would like to know about your career aspirations, educational/professional background and personal attributes, along with your leadership and entrepreneurial experiences. In parallel, the interview will help you get a general feel about our daily work, people and firm culture.

Case Interview
You will be asked to solve a business case during this part of the interview. We will leverage this opportunity to assess your problem solving skills, structure, thinking process, and key intellectual strengths and weaknesses (see additional information below).

Q&A session
This section is dedicated to your questions. This is your opportunity to make a personal connection with the interviewer and get to know more about the environment at PACS. Wherever this conversation leads, we are sure it will be an interesting one. Simply be yourself!

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