Tharwah is a Saudi firm specializing in Human Capital Advisory Services, founded in 2012 to enable clients to empower its human capital to achieve their strategic objectives. We believe that organizational success stems from people success, therefore, we work with our clients to create best-fit organizations aligned with their aspirations. We assist them in selecting and developing their talents and offer advice on how to engage, reward and develop them to achieve sustainable high performance.  Visit us at:

Tharwah means in Arabic ‘fortune’ which is chosen to reflect the company’s belief in the significance of the human capital in any development. Based on the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the company is specialized in developing the skills of the Saudi Arabians of different generations to enhance their competitiveness in the labor market locally and worldwide. In addition, it endeavors to provide them with continuous learning opportunities so that they become exceptionally efficient.

What is more, Tharwah empowers more than 350 clients with the help of its talented staff and exceptional leaders. In this context, Abdullah Al Zahrani, the founder and CEO of Tharwah, states that: “Tharwah is a unique company. It is one of the fast-growing domestic consulting companies in the region.

As a matter of fact, business success relies on having the right people in the right positions. To do so, companies shall not only specify the roles of each employee, but also know their special characteristics and what motivates them to perform effectively.  Tharwah shares its magical recipe with its clients through four consulting services in the human development field to participate in empowering potentials and develop talents in their organizations. These services are as follows:

1. Human Capital Consulting

Tharwah has a number of management consulting services that aim at building the right organizational infrastructure to help achieve the organizations’ strategic objectives. This is achieved through developing operating models for them to achieve the strategic targets and build all the organizational elements. Actually, these elements clarify the roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders including departments and employees and establish the clear performance standards which align with the strategic objectives; and help employees get engaged and inspired to ensure achieving the organizations’ objectives.

2. Organizational Excellence Consulting

Quality and its modern approaches represented in the various organizational excellence and its tools are no longer an option that companies may ignore. So, Tharwah comes to help such companies in their journey to get the highest degrees of organizational excellence. Actually, this is achieved through getting the highest performance levels; having the highest degrees of stakeholders’ satisfaction; or sustaining good results. Tharwah works with its clients to evaluate the availability of the excellence enablers in their organizations in accordance with the approved models such as the EFQM and KAQA, and then it starts its journey of determining and executing the necessary improvement projects to establish the excellence enablers and ensure the sustainability of their effect for all those who benefit from the organization services.

3. Talent Management

Tharwah provides its clients with specialized approaches in evaluating competencies and potentials in a way that participates in selecting the best competencies and enhancing the individual development plans (IDP). Besides, it offers assessment services at any stage of the employee lifespan stages starting from the pre-recruitment until the assessment to determine the promising talents as well as succession. 

4. Talent and Leadership Skills Development

Tharwah targets unlocking the potentials of individuals and organizations to achieve the excellent performance. This is active through offering globally accredited programs that enable participants to enhance their professional skills and build capabilities so that they are appropriate for the fields they choose. To do so, Tharwah partners with the best international training associations.

As a matter of fact, the human capital is measured through three factors of manpower: time, talent and power. In this context, Abdullah Al Zahrani stats: “Time is limited and talents are rare and deserve that we fight to retain. As for power, it may be created or destroyed. So, Tharwah commits to quality and consistency to develop its services so that Tharwah becomes the expertise hub in the region by 2030 in the field of human potentials development.”

What is more, Tharwah plays the role of trusted partner of its clients. It has the ability to deeply understand their needs, challenges and objectives and so it can develop customized solutions to develop human potentials, which is the main pillar of Vision 2030.

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