Várri Consultancy

Várri Consultancy is a modern and independent consulting boutique. We are specialised in strategy and risk with a focus on economic, societal, and environmental sustainability.

Identifying, measuring, assessing, and taking decisions on risk have become more complex for all organisations. Uncertainty has become a fixed part of the new normal. We can help you make sense of it all.

Várri has a passion and drive to achieve high-impact business results. We are forensic in our approach, focused on facts in our analysis, and bold in speaking out. We listen, set objectives, and work at pace and with precision. And to maximise the benefit of any financial modelling, we share our expertise openly.

Várri has more than 13 years of experience working with corporations, financial institutions and governmental organisations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London and Stockholm. We have a profound experience in loan and trading documentation, loan restructuring, waiver requests, credit events, development of policies and procedures, interaction with internal and external auditors, central banks and regulatory examiners.

Várri has a modern approach to management consultancy with a strong focus on economic, societal and environmental sustainability. It is a means of creating more stable and long-term opportunities for growth and benefits for all stakeholders.

We are not beholden to shareholders or institutions. Our independence and agnostic outlook are essential to what sets us apart. That combined with a view on what is best for all stakeholders through responsibility and sustainability. All underpinned by our reputation and personal values.

Várri is a new way of seeing risk and strategy. Risk management with a conscience, based on a single rational truth.

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