Bizness Analytics of Dubai launches tool for sustainability reporting

25 October 2018 2 min. read

Dubai-based digital consulting firm Bizness Analytics has launched a tool to aid corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting.

Based at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), with further offices in the US, India and Turkey, the 2006-founded Bizness Analytics offers diversified services in sustainable development, innovation and risk management, digital transformations, and big data research and analytics, with Nike and banking group Emirates NBD named among the firm’s international and local clients.

With a focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) consulting, Bizness Analytics has launched a new internally-developed tool for ESG and sustainability reporting for companies across the region, named the ESG Robo Advisor and described by the firm as the region’s first environmental, social, governance / sustainability-related reporting toolkit - designed to build industry-focused and investor-driven reporting.

“Our aim is to assist, guide and advice C-suites and senior management to take ESG mainstream, said Bizness Analytics CEO Sandeep Raghuwanshi, a former senior vice president for Lazard in the UAE. “ESG Robo Advisor, developed in our own design and innovation lab, allows an organization to create, measure and communicate their sustainability strategy to their stakeholder base and work together to make this world a better place.”Bizness Analytics of Dubai launches tool for sustainability reportingAs stated by the firm, ESG Robo Advisor is a set of precision tools and services which will allow companies to leverage big data and cloud technology in developing and managing their ESG and sustainability practices, with the consulting firm contending that the incorporation of sustainability factors is critical to business success – citing growing evidence that companies with a strong ESG profile perform better as to profitability and managing risks and opportunities.

“We have enlisted the help of global experts, investors, practitioners and participated in several boardroom conversations to design our tool, which offers education, best practices, data, and a template-driven process to the management and the reporting team,” Raghuwanshi said, with the firm saying plans were afoot to create industry-specific tools tailored for the healthcare, retail, travel, and tourism and hospitality sectors.

Speaking on the desirability for corporate social responsibility and sustainability, Raghuwanshi says; “A sound, a thoughtful sustainable strategy not only is profitable in a conventional sense of shareholder value but also is a key driver for long-term profitable returns by aligning company’s shareholder values with broader societal values… The purpose of sustainability reporting is to answer the following simple question: whether the company’s present business model builds more value than it consumes or destroys?”