Lean specialist Four Principles takes up residence in renovated Dubai office

16 January 2019 Consultancy-me.com 3 min. read

Middle East lean management specialist Four Principles has upgraded its Dubai office following the doubling of the firm’s local headcount over the past twelve months.

After gaining traction as one of the leading specialists in the Middle East, and the doubling of its team over the past year, lean management proponent Four Principles has expanded and upgraded its office space with a sleek new design – tailor-made for a lean working environment and complete with symbolic touches reflecting the firm’s championed management philosophy of increased efficiency and the elimination of waste.

Crafted by Dubai-headquartered Italian design-house DPM Interior Design, and led by Associate Design Director Mattia Michelon, the new, industrial-style office features flexible, open spaces which encourage collaboration and easy communication to enhance efficiency and reduce time wastage while still affording employees a sense of privacy and comfort – with the modern, ‘clean desk’ work-stations placed alongside the windows.

In addition to the work-stations, and to eliminate waiting times, the office has been further designed with a range of small, medium and large conference or meeting rooms – fully soundproofed to minimise internal and external disturbances – while also featuring the option of ‘high-chair quick discussion’ desks for speedy exchanges and expedited decision-making in line with the Kaizen principles of lean management first developed in Japan.

Lean specialist Four Principles takes up residence in renovated Dubai office

“Four Principles Dubai offices’ new design applies space flexibility and a collaborative working environment that is tailor-made to fit the employees’ Lean mindset. The high-end paint on the walls is writable, the desks are portable, the greenery is self-sufficient and the open space encourages an efficient team work environment which eliminates time waste and increases productivity,” said Michelon.

As a defining touch of the stylish new renovation, Michelon and Four Principles have included a hanging moss motif around the various walls of the office to symbolise the firm’s lean management consulting ideals, in that, much like a client following the implementation of a lean transformation project, the moss once it’s in place requires no further care and can continue on with its own self-sufficiency.

So far, the upgrade has been a hit. “Both consultants and clients have given positive feedback about the new offices. The consultants like the bigger space, efficient meeting rooms, and Apple TVs,” said Four Principles Communications Director Ali Keilani, referring to the added screen mirroring technology. “The clients who have visited us are impressed with the level of details of the design and how every single piece of furniture is carefully placed.”

One motivation given for the renovation was the growing headcount at Four Principles over the past year, and fittingly, as the firm settles into its new space it has also welcomed a new member of staff, Ammar Asali. As part of an inter-company professional development programme to support the teaching of the Kaizen philosophy to Saudi nationals, Asali joins the consulting firm via parent company Abdul Latif Jameel Co.Lean specialist Four Principles takes up residence in rennovated Dubai office

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