Crypto Oasis selects Roland Berger as its global strategic partner

08 June 2022 3 min. read
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UAE-based Crypto Oasis – a cryptocurrency venture capitalist and the epicentre of a blockchain ecosystem – has named Roland Berger as its global strategic partner.

From its headquarters in the Middle East, Crypto Oasis is aiming to build “one of the leading blockchain ecosystems in the world,” according to Ralf Glabischnig, who founded Crypto Oasis last year together with Saqr Ereiqat.

The group is active as an investor (Crypto Oasis Sentio invests in early-stage tokens and Crypto Oasis Metaverse invests in early-stage metaverse and web 3.0 concepts), as a hub that brings together stakeholders from across the landscape (Crypto Oasis Society), and is the initiator of DMCC Crypto Centre in Dubai.

Crypto Oasis selects Roland Berger as its global strategic partner

Now teaming up with Roland Berger, Crypto Oasis expects to enhance its positioning as a value-adding ecosystem. Glabischnig: “Our ecosystem members will have access to Roland Berger’s world-class management consultancy that will support them as they embrace the opportunities to transform their business and utilise blockchain solutions.”

Roland Berger will also act as a knowledge partner. “We will be working together to release thought leadership reports to further educate and inform the market of this ever growing and evolving ecosystem.”

On top of this, “Roland Berger has a strong presence among governments and corporations, we expect this partnership to help us develop meaningful connections with them,” said Glabischnig.

By the end of this year, Crypto Oasis aims to have 1,500 organisations in its wider ecosystem (up from around 700 today), on the back of “exponential growth” in the region’s crypto and web 3.0 scene. “The significance of blockchain lies in its inherent transparency, trust and immutability.”

“Regulators in the region are welcoming innovation and disruption, making it simpler for blockchain-related companies to secure licence and operate. Our ecosystem offers unique value to new and established players – we look forward to welcoming more organisations and aspiring entrepreneurs to our growing blockchain ecosystem,” said Glabischnig.

Asked why Crypto Oasis picked Roland Berger for the collaboration, Crypto Oasis pointed at the firm’s leading position in the crypto landscape. “Roland Berger is one of the first top-tier strategy consulting firms to have entered the world of blockchain, and together we can explore the myriad of opportunities in the exciting frontier of blockchain and decentralised technologies.”

Indeed, while Roland Berger remains secretive of its client roster, the firm is known to serve as the strategic advisors behind some of the biggest recent projects in the region, including the strategy for a large bitcoin mining facility and the setup of tokenized green asset exchange.

“Roland Berger has strong capabilities in helping our ecosystem partners with developing crypto economy strategies and identify use cases and investment opportunities that are critical for the future strategic positioning,” said Glabischnig.

Led out of the UAE, Roland Berger’s Global Crypto Economy practice is headed by the duo Feroz Sanaulla and Pierre Samaties, both partners at the consultancy.

Sanaulla and Samaties on the alliance: “We believe that with Crypto Oasis’ core values of infrastructure, talent, and capital, we can integrate alliances in their unique ecosystem and transform the crypto economy landscape.”