Bahrain International Airport Services flies in Lufthansa Consulting

12 August 2022 2 min. read

To meet the growing number of passengers travelling to and from Bahrain International Airport, the airport’s services company has flown in consultants from a German group to help with operational excellence.

A year after launching its state-of-the-art new terminal (total cost of the development: $1.1 billion), and on the back of a traveller revival as Covid-19 restrictions have been phased out, Bahrain International Airport is booming.

The old terminal, which still is in use, has a capacity of 4 million passengers per annum. The new terminal meanwhile is four times larger than the old terminal and increases the capacity of Bahrain International Airport to 14 million passengers per year.

Bahrain International Airport Services flies in Lufthansa Consulting

Since 1977, nearly all airport services to Bahrain International Airport are provided by Bahrain Airport Services. The organisation’s remit includes handling all 8.5 million passengers that currently are handled at the airport, preparing catering for the airport and on flights, handling baggage, cargo services, and aircraft maintenance (~8,000 aircraft maintenance movements annually).

As Bahrain International Airport Services scale-ups, the organisation is aiming to maintain – if not enhance – its level of operational efficiency and effectiveness. Despite being named the ‘World’s Best New Airport’ at the Skytrax 2022 World Airport Awards, the management of Bahrain International Airport have set the bar even higher.

Commenting on the ambition, Bahrain Airport Company Chairman, HE Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed said: “Through the provision of world-class facilities, services, and infrastructure, the new terminal will help sustain the growth of Bahrain’s aviation sector.”

Helping Bahrain Airport Services in its efforts are consultants from Lufthansa Consulting – the award-winning consultancy arm of German flag carrier Lufthansa.

“We are honoured to partner with Lufthansa Consulting and welcome their assistance in the upcoming transformation. Through this partnership, we aim to further enhance the company’s operations in order to provide the best services in this field,” said Mohamed Khalil, CEO of Bahrain Airport Services.

As part of its remit, Lufthansa Consulting will conduct a comprehensive study of its client’s current operating model with the goal of developing initiatives aimed at improving efficiency and achieving operational excellence.

Alexander Manakos, Head of the Middle East region at Lufthansa Consulting, said about the project: “We are proud to have landed this important project and we are very much looking forward to working with Bahrain Airport Services. Our goal is to help Bahrain Airport Services achieve sustainable improvements in performance in order to enhance the company’s competitiveness and be prepared to face any and all challenges.”