The Green Block launches: Web3 think tank and launchpad for ESG

23 June 2023 3 min. read
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UAE-based Crypto Oasis Ventures has in collaboration with global management consulting firm and trusted partner Roland Berger launched ‘The Green Block’, a new initiative aimed at promoting the use of Web3 technology for the realisation of environment, social and governance (ESG) goals.

The global initiative marks a significant step towards leveraging the power of blockchain and AI technologies to work towards creating a more sustainable future.

The Green Block is a global think tank and launchpad that aims to accelerate the use of Web3 and AI technology by creating an ecosystem for ESG related blockchain projects and for social initiatives. The initiative brings together projects and thought leaders from across the world and ecosystem to fuel the development of groundbreaking solutions.

The Green Block launches: Web3 think tank and launchpad for ESG

Faisal Zaidi, the co-founder of Crypto Oasis Ventures, said that The Green Block’s mission is aligned with the goals of the UAE for COP28 and broader, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

“By connecting projects, providing and enabling infrastructure, and empowering talent, The Green Block will facilitate the development and implementation of sustainable Web3 solutions on a global scale. Aligning ourselves with the objectives of COP28 and the UAE, we aim to take this initiative global,” Zaidi explained.

The official collaboration partner, Roland Berger contributes to determining the strategic direction of the initiative.

“The launch of The Green Block initiative is the start of an important think tank and launchpad for Web3 and AI technology that will support sustainability and quality of life. Many use cases of the technology are a perfect fit for advancing renewable power, boosting financial inclusion and incentivising environmental improvements,” said Pierre Samaties, partner at Roland Berger in the Middle East.

Inaugural patron: Beeah

One such use case can be found in the waste recycling space. Sharjah-based Beeah for example is adopting blockchain technologies to create more transparency across the waste management value chain. This transparency enables more circular models, and sustainability-focused collaboration.

Khaled Al Huraimel, group CEO of Beeah, said that the company’s vision is built on the twin pillars of sustainability and digitalisation. “There is immense potential in blockchain, AI and Web3 technologies and I am excited to see how The Green Block leverages these to revolutionise ESG projects.”

Beeah has joined The Green Block as its inaugural patron. “Beeah looks forward to fostering innovation and engaging with stakeholders to achieve sustainability objectives using technology while overcoming global challenges,” Al Huraimel stated.

Crypto Oasis is a blockchain community active in the MENA region that collaborates with various stakeholders like investors, startups, corporations, governments, researchers, and service providers. Its goal is to become the largest and most innovative blockchain ecosystem.

The UAE has already previously shown a readiness to make leaps forward in developing and leveraging emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence and the metaverse.