Agile Dynamics launches blockchain advisory label

05 September 2023 7 min. read
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International management consulting firm Agile Dynamics has launched a new label dedicated to blockchain advisory services.

Branded as ‘Agile Dynamics Tech’, the new arm will work with clients to conceptualise, design, build and implement blockchain-based solutions that benefit “both business and society”, according to a release by the firm.

Led by a core team of tech innovators, consultants, and designers, spearheaded by the co-founding trio Paul Lalovich, Emilija Vukovic and Ivan Bjelajac, Agile Dynamics Tech will bring together expertise in digital assets, blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies, and Web3 to help clients build proof of concepts and bring prototypes to life.

Agile Dynamics launches blockchain advisory label

Agile Dynamics Tech launches with an already established track record in the space – all three co-founders have extensive experience with blockchain innovations. Lalovich for instance is the founder of Synthetic Equity, a venture focused on harnessing the potential of distributed ledger technology and crypto assets through the tokenization of ideas and work.

Vukovic is a thought leader in blockchain technology and a regular speaker at conferences on the topic, while Bjelajac is a serial entrepreneur in the technology industry and is currently building a company focused on applying blockchain transactions within the payments realm.

“Our new venture works with ecosystem partners to deliver immediate and measurable outcomes at clients. We work with corporates as well as mid-sized businesses and start-ups,” said Lalovich, who also is a partner at Agile Dynamics.

“We form comprehensive partnerships and assemble a multi-disciplinary range of talented individuals to magnify our collective influence and help our clients launch fully operational solutions right from day one,” he added.

Teaming up with parent company Agile Dynamics, which operates out of Abu Dhabi and Singapore, the new tech advisory subsidiary will further help clients with taking care of the human capital side of blockchain innovation. “We help organisations deliver their breakthrough Web3 innovations by putting into place the right capabilities and creating the critical mass required for success.”

According to Lalovich, Agile Dynamics Tech has already hit the ground running with a number of launching engagements being worked on.

About the co-founders

Paul Lalovich is an accomplished Business Architect (CBA) with a track record of leading successful business design and transformations across diverse industries. His academic foundation includes a postgraduate diploma in Digital Business from Columbia Business School and a Master's degree in Industrial Economics Management from Union University. Paul expertly combines theoretical knowledge with extensive practical experience.

A tech-savvy entrepreneur by background, Paul brings a unique perspective that merges economic expertise with entrepreneurial spirit. In his role as the Managing Partner at Agile Dynamics, he leads the Organizational Effectiveness & Strategy Execution Practice, contributing significantly to the firm's reputation as a premier consultancy in the United Arab Emirates.

Beyond his responsibilities at Agile Dynamics, Paul is the CEO and Founder of Synthetic Equity, a groundbreaking venture focused on harnessing the potential of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and crypto assets through the tokenization of ideas and work. This innovative initiative seeks to provide ecosystem stakeholders with access to the burgeoning digital opportunities.

Paul's dedication to the industry extends to his role as a Mentor and Strategic Advisor at SwiftMotion Media, where he provides valuable insights and guidance. Additionally, he serves as an Associate Founder at Astro Armadillos, a dynamic endeavor that reflects his forward-thinking approach.

Throughout his career, Paul has held positions at prestigious organizations, including Oliver Wyman, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, Mercer, Sadara Chemical Company, and Emirates Advanced Investments. In these roles, he has made substantial contributions in the fields of organizational effectiveness and business transformation.

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. candidacy in Business/Managerial Economics from the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management (FIMEK), Paul continues to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. His unwavering dedication and diverse career journey establish him as a distinguished figure in the realm of business architecture and digital transformation.

Emilija Vukovic is a distinguished leader in the fields of blockchain technology, digital healthcare, and business transformation. With over a decade of experience in technology and operations strategy, she has become a driving force in helping organizations achieve digital excellence.

Currently serving as one of the topic leaders for Blockchain and Digital Healthcare at Agile Dynamics, Emilija is dedicated to assisting companies in their transformative journeys. Her expertise lies in orchestrating technology and operations strategies that leverage blockchain capabilities, optimizing the intersection of healthcare and digital innovation.

Emilija's primary focus centers on guiding clients through the intricacies of digital transformation. She empowers them to adopt agile methodologies and embrace high-performance practices, ensuring the rapid and efficient development of high-quality solutions. Her strategic insights enable organizations to redefine the way they deliver digital transformations, fostering innovation and operational excellence.

In addition to her pivotal role at Agile Dynamics, Emilija holds the prestigious position of President at the Serbian Blockchain Initiative since 2021, where she plays an integral role in advancing blockchain technology in Serbia and beyond.

Emilija's extensive educational background includes a Doctor of Medicine degree in Human/Medical Genetics from the University of Belgrade. Furthermore, she holds a Master's degree in Health/Health Care Administration/Management and a Doctor of Philosophy in Medical/Health Management and Clinical Assistance/Specialist, both from the University of Belgrade.

Ivan Bjelajac is a veteran of the technology industry, boasting an impressive career spanning over two decades. Beginning his journey as an engineer, he has evolved into a serial entrepreneur, achieving remarkable success with six thriving startup exits from 2012 to 2022.

Currently, his focus is dedicated to the establishment of robust infrastructure for swift, secure, and scalable blockchain transactions through sidechains, with a primary focus on DeFi, Supply Chains, and Asset Tokenization.

In his role as the Vice President of Business Development at Tenderly, Ivan plays a crucial part in positioning Tenderly as an indispensable toolkit for navigating the evolving landscape of the internet and the emerging multichain future.

Transitioning into an advisory role, Ivan joined Attic42, recognizing the importance of achieving work-life balance, a shift from the demands of operating a venture builder company. Ivan takes on a pivotal role as Chairman of the Supervisory, Steering, and Advisory Committee at MVP Workshop, underscoring his commitment to guiding and shaping innovative ventures.

Ivan co-founded and led Polygon Edge, a modular and adaptable framework designed for building Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, sidechains, and scaling solutions. His extensive educational background includes a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Cotrugli Business School and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade.

Ivan's career has significantly influenced the tech industry, particularly in the realms of blockchain and decentralized finance. His relentless dedication to innovation and transformative technologies continues to shape the future of these dynamic sectors, paving the way for new possibilities and achievements.