Várri Consultancy recognised by marketplace for client excellence

23 November 2023 Consultancy-me.com 2 min. read
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Várri Consultancy, a boutique management consulting firm from Dubai, has been recognised for its excellence by Clutch, a global marketplace of B2B service providers.

Founded in 2020, Várri Consultancy is a consulting boutique specialising in strategy, risk, and governance advisory. The firm works with small and mid-sized businesses and financial institutions across the Middle East.

After already being named one of the leading consultancies in the UAE featured on the Clutch platform (in 2022), Várri Consultancy has now been named both a ‘Champion’ and ‘Global Winner’ by the US-origin marketplace.

Várri Consultancy recognised by marketplace for client excellence

The Global award recognises the top B2B service providers across the globe, while the Champions award goes one step further – it is only handed to the top 10% performers within the cohort of Global winners.

“Global winners stand out because of the positive feedback their clients shared with our platform. The quality of their verified reviews shows that these companies know how to deliver exceptional work to their clients,” said Mike Beares, Founder and Chairman of Clutch.

“Champion honorees meanwhile represent the best of the best on our platform, and I am thrilled to celebrate and commend Várri Consultancy for its ongoing achievements and dedication to consistently exceeding their clients’ expectations.”

While Várri Consultancy does not disclose its full portfolio of clients, among the satisfied clients that have left publicly visible reviews are Pripen (a Swedish an investment company) and ThreeEightSix (a Dubai-based equity platform focused on the energy sector). Both companies turned to Várri Consultancy for strategic counsel, and lauded the firms’ expertise and approach to managing client relationships.

The recognition adds to a growing basket of awards for the three-year old company. Last year, Várri Consultancy was named the ‘Leading Strategy and Risk Management Consulting Boutique in the UAE’ at the World Business Outlook Awards, and named one of the ‘Leading Risk & Compliance Consulting Firms in the Middle East’ by Consultancy.org.

“These awards reflect our meticulous approach and our deep commitment to excellence for our clients,” said Johnny Kollin, Founder and Managing Director of Várri Consultancy.

The firm’s rise in standings has not gone unnoticed. A jump in the number of client engagements has seen Várri Consultancy grow its turnover by over 35% in the first three quarters of 2023 compared to the same period last year.

Kolin concluded, “As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in management consulting, ensuring our clients not only meet but exceed their strategic goals.”