Várri Consultancy adds RiskSmart to risk management offering

01 March 2024 Consultancy-me.com 2 min. read

Várri Consultancy has inked a partnership with RiskSmart, a provider of software solutions for streamlining the risk management function.

Dubai-based boutique firm Várri Consultancy is specialised in financial strategy, risk, and governance, with the freshly signed collaboration aimed at deepening its offerings in the risk domain.

“We help our clients develop and implement risk management frameworks, tailored to individual client needs. With the framework in place, we support business executives with navigating complex risks and regulatory requirements, enabling them to achieve their strategic goals confidently,” explained Várri Consultancy founder Johnny Kollin.

Várri Consultancy adds RiskSmart to risk management offering

In its work with clients, Várri Consultancy often encounters the opportunity for streamlining risk activities through the use of smart technology. “Over the years, our team has spent countless hours lost in meetings and bogged down in spreadsheets. This experience builds the case for better technology, which can drive deeper strategic risk advice and better execution.”

This is where RiskSmart comes in. The UK-based company provides a risk platform for small and medium-sized business and enterprises, helping them automate critical tasks such as risk assessment and issue management, centralise risk data in one accessible location, and ensure continuous compliance through reporting.

“In the past, SMEs could choose between spreadsheets and highly complex legacy systems to manage risks. RiskSmart bridges that gap through an intuitive platform that offers a range of integrated functionalities that enable proactive decision-making,” said Kollin.

Now adding the platform into its offerings, Várri Consultancy will be able to provide companies in the GCC with a more rounded risk offering, and support them with implementing the RiskSmart platform within their organisation.

Kollin: “Partnering with RiskSmart, we’re setting a new, accessible standard that combines real insights with innovative technology to deliver what our clients truly deserve.”

Ryan Swann, Founder of RiskSmart, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Várri Consultancy to empower businesses with a holistic approach to risk management. Their expertise, combined with our intuitive platform, will equip clients with the tools and ongoing support they need to navigate today’s risk landscape with confidence.”

Last year Várri Consultancy signed a partnership agreement with Clausematch, a provider of regtech solutions.