CMA launches consulting offering for KSA giga projects in distress

12 March 2024 2 min. read

Jordan-headquartered Construction Management Associates (CMA) is expanding its suite of services in Saudi Arabia with the launch of a new offering for giga projects in distress.

Since its inception in 1999, CMA has supported the delivery of more than 100 projects across the MENA region, including a number of iconic buildings in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Lebanon. The firm advises owners, developers and contractors on how to ensure projects are well designed and well delivered, typically from the very start.

The freshly launched Forensics offering however comes into play during the execution phase of the project lifecycle, and in particular when things aren’t going to plan.

CMA launches consulting offering for KSA giga projects in distress

Research shows that over 8 in 10 building projects in MENA face some form of overrun (time or budget). In the case of giga projects, which are hugely complex to deliver, that number is even higher.

This is where CMA’s Forensics offering comes in. Launched in the Saudi market with a specific focus on giga projects, the offering provides “leadership teams who need extra support when things start to go wrong,” said Isam Saad Sahawneh, Founder, President and CEO of Construction Management Associates.

“As construction of giga projects in Saudi Arabia is skyrocketing, along with the inevitable cost overruns and delays, clients need deep expertise during crisis situations to bring their projects back on track.”

Asked how the offering differentiates itself from other project crisis propositions, Sahawneh said: “Most construction consulting services lack technical, contractual and financial depth. Our offering brings these three together into a unified approach, built on the trilogy of our deep construction, management and contracts know-how.”

Alongside advising on how to bring things back on track, the offering also supports legal teams with understanding potential areas of dispute – and resolving them. CMA’s consultants help conduct a forensic delay analysis (to find out whether a party can be held responsible for delays), assess contractual agreements made in the tender phase, and analyse rules of measurement and interpret specifications, among others.

Ultimately, CMA’s experts help leaders revise their budgets and planning for successful completion, to serve as a new reference throughout the project.