Várri Consultancy joins Swedish giants at National Day event

10 June 2023 Consultancy-me.com 1 min. read
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Imagine a vibrant gathering where business executives, dignitaries, and thought leaders converge. Picture a ballroom filled with enthusiastic conversations about innovation, sustainability, and the future of the Middle East. That was the setting at the Swedish National Day celebrations hosted by the Embassy of Sweden in Abu Dhabi.

Recognising Sweden’s 500 years of innovation and forward-thinking, Várri Consultancy joined the ranks of companies like ABB, SAAB, IKEA, Ericsson, and Volvo as proud event sponsors.

Várri Consultancy standing shoulder to shoulder with blue-chip giants was a testament to the boutique firm’s growing influence as an emerging strategy and risk advisory firm in the Middle East.

Várri Consultancy joins Swedish giants at National Day event

“As a small business owner, it was humbling to attend an event with ambassadors, dignitaries, and executives from global organisations,” said Johnny Kollin, Founder of Managing Director of Várri Consultancy.

Since Kollin founded the boutique consulting firm in 2020, it has been on an upward trajectory, with a 90% increase in annual turnover in 2022. The firm’s personal yet professional approach was exhibited when the CEO of a long-standing client flew in from Saudi Arabia to attend the Swedish National Day celebrations.

“Dignitaries aside, my greatest joy was sharing the celebrations and a piece of Sweden with one of our longest-standing clients,” said Kollin. “I believe in growing together with our clients and community. As we help our clients overcome their unique challenges, we collectively thrive.”

Operating out of Dubai, Várri Consultancy works mainly with small- and mid-sized businesses. The firm has carved its niche as a reliable advisor in the ever-evolving world of business, and was last year named among the Middle East’s leading consulting firms.