Maven Insights

We are a regional boutique management consulting firm with offices located in Dubai and Riyadh.

Our management team has decades of combined expertise in developing capabilities for growing and retaining a loyal customer base. Since our inception, we have established a network of reputable clients and partners in the EMEA region. We have extensive experience working with and delivering value to large organizations operating in telecom, technology, government, banking, insurance, real estate development, retail, services, chemicals, e-commerce and transportation sectors.

Developing go-to-market strategies, designing effective employee and customer reward programs, designing/optimizing lead-to-cash cycles, developing customer experience management capabilities and developing internal capabilities to run complex commercial programs are among our most frequently delivered services. We also assist our clients via our “business development” consulting services, where we lead the development of partnership ecosystems and in some cases hunting high-volume deals on behalf of our customers, hence increasing the success probability of our clients in their bid to enter new markets.

Our Team

As Maven Insights, our journey started with providing Customer Experience Management, Sales Excellence and Precision Marketing services. Due to our repeating success in our client engagements, we began expanding our service offerings. We strengthened our team with like-minded new members, who are regarded as a subject-matter expert in their field.

Today, our team is composed of experts combining academic, industry, and consultancy experience in Commercial Growth Strategies, Business Transformation, Commercial Excellence, People Analytics and Employee Experience Management.

While we rapidly improve our capabilities by expanding our team and self-development, we also seek to build upon the foundations initially set. Consequently, we ensure that we share the same mindset with all of our team members and create our corporate culture accordingly.

In addition to our capable and ever-growing team, we also build strategic partnerships to improve our areas of expertise and the values we provide to our clients.

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