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PMP is looking for consultants who are able to meet the required high standard and degree of excellence, adopt our values and positively convey the firm’s identity. As a profession, strategic consulting calls for total commitment and is intellectually demanding.

Excellence first

This is why we only recruit candidates with qualifications from prestigious universities or top-ranking engineering or business schools.

Rising to the challenge

To be successful in this business, our candidates must demonstrate a genuine appetite for solving complex issues. They must possess certain essential qualities like an analytical mind, deductive skills, the ability to be concise, as well as being able to apply rigour and methodology in moving forward.  We also expect them to be quick on the uptake and in making progress, show that they have the potential to approach their work from a managerial standpoint, to eventually supervise consultants and to gradually play their part in building the business.

On the ball

The kinds of client issues we have to address are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly complex in terms of size, the number of challenges and parties they involve. To provide solutions, it is simply not enough for our consultants to be analytical, methodical or thorough – they really have to be on the ball.  Having a natural curiosity about everything, the PMP consultant is highly creative. He or she knows how to think outside the box and to find solutions that are not necessarily staring him or her in the face. This calls for significant cultural awareness and openness, which our consultants cultivate within the working environment and beyond.


With client issues becoming as complex as the solutions to them, our recommendations must continue to be able to be taken on board. PMP consultants are renowned for being realistic and pragmatic. They can draw on the qualities we have mentioned, to absorb both the culture and reality of each of our clients and devise action plans and realistic, valid recommendations accordingly. Our entrepreneurial DNA is key here.


The consulting profession places a strong emphasis on interpersonal relations. We are looking for candidates who are naturally inquisitive, interested about others and their problems, who are keen to work side-by-side in partnership with clients, in close-knit teams, who are capable of taking on responsibility but also of working autonomously to move forward.  Interpersonal skills, being able to listen, being understanding and able to be objective, are all essential qualities that we are looking for in a candidate.

Ready to listen

The ability to forge a partnership is something we strive to instil in ourselves on a daily basis. The exceptional connections that we interweave in-house are the very life force of PMP. As one of our partners once said, « we wanted to create a consultancy that is sound, human and truly reflects who we are.»  At PMP, putting each individual’s own unique resourcefulness and qualities into the mix has paid dividends. We are looking for candidates who can totally steep themselves in this dynamic that is both enriching and reflects who we are and can share the values of compassion and humility that bind us together.

So if like us, you have the taste for entrepreneurial adventure, are determined to get the very best from yourself, have an insatiable curiosity, a calling for understanding and helping others, to discover and reveal your true calibre in an enthusiastic, caring and dynamic environment…then don’t hold back.  

On the strength of this association of professional responsibility and personal fulfilment, PMP is constantly growing and looking for new talent at all times in the year, regardless of your level of experience:

Junior Consultant (experience level: 1-3 years)

A graduate from a leading engineering or business school, you want to put your qualification to good effect by becoming part of an ambitious, professional project.  
You will use your analytical rigour, your creativity and your communication skills to get to grips with the basics of consulting on a range of different projects, as part of an experienced team that is keen to include you and provide you with a valuable learning experience.

Senior Consultant (experience level: 3-5 years)

You have professional experience, ideally in consulting or in sectors where we provide consulting, that has enabled you to hone your skills in analysis and synthesis. You know how to be autonomous and to show initiative. You are looking to get involved in structural change projects involving high-stakes and with direct client contact. 

Manager (experience level: 5-8 years)

You have solid professional experience in consulting or a significant expertise in sectors where we provide consulting. You know how to manage teams, instilling in them both methodology and expertise. You are looking to get involved in business development. You know how to interact with and engage decision-makers on strategic issues.

Become part of the team, send your application to:

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