Abu Dhabi Global Market partners with OCO Global for US FDI

19 March 2021 Consultancy-me.com 2 min. read

OCO global is set to help US-based businesses invest in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) – an international financial centre home to nearly 3,000 global businesses and $85 billion in assets under management.

Governed by English common law, ADGM is a national and global business hub that features low taxes; easy licensing & registration; the option for complete foreign business ownership; hundreds of advisory firms; independent courts; and a financial services regulatory authority. The business-friendly conditions attract hundreds of global companies annually.

The task of helping US-based businesses plan their ADGM entry has now fallen to OCO Global – an advisory firm specialised in supporting international trade and investments through lead generation, market research, incubation, funding, growth and marketing, among other services.

Abu Dhabi Global Market partners with OCO Global for US FDI

OCO Global deputy CEO Gareth Hagan noted the broader drive of entrepreneurship support in the UAE and the Middle East as a whole, lauding ADGM’s role in that movement. “The Middle East has made huge strides in providing exemplary conditions to support the growth of start-ups and established firms alike, across infrastructure, skills and industry expertise.”

“As a world-renowned business expansion platform, ADGM serves as a springboard for US firms to tap into the MENA market,” he added. Indeed, OCO Global is already an integral part of the regional landscape, with a local office in Dubai and high engagement levels. Since 2018, the firm has been helping the Dubai Investment Development Authority to attract interest from the UK.

In focus now are US businesses, which OCO Global will serve from its offices in New York and Los Angeles. According to ADGM’s senior executive director of strategy and business development Juma Al Hameli, the partnership with OCO Global is “a sign of our commitment to support US investors looking to expand their presence across the Middle East.”

Big names such as Citi Group, JP Morgan and the Carlyle Group have already made their way into the UAE’s increasingly attractive economy via ADGM, and the new partnership will only expand this list in size and scope. And there is little reason not to invest, given that ADGM is emerging as a highly competitive financial arena.

Funding abounds, and ADGM’s assets under administration rose by 400% over the course of last year, to reach a total of $125 billion despite the global pandemic. Add to this a commitment to foster cutting edge innovation in technology, FinTech, healthcare, education and a range of other fields – creating an attractive space for international talent as well.

“We look forward to helping new firms join our growing business community, expand their network and help them realize their full growth potential in the region,” concluded Al Hameli.