Health Catalyst names RAI Digital a strategic partner for GCC

06 June 2022 2 min. read

US software provider Health Catalyst has appointed RAI Digital as a strategic partner for the Gulf Cooperation Council.

From its base in Salt Lake City, Health Catalyst provides healthcare organisations across the globe with technologies and platforms that enable fact-based working.

Health Catalyst’s suite of solutions includes platforms focused on data science (including artificial intelligence and machine learning), data analytics, finance transformation, quality and safety improvement, and patient outcomes.

Health Catalyst names RAI Digital a strategic partner for GCC

“With the current challenges facing healthcare leaders, the need for data-driven clinical, operational, and financial improvement has never been more urgent,” said Jeff Selander, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Expansion Business at Health Catalyst.

“By harnessing the power of healthcare data, organisations can deliver actionable insights that improve patient outcomes at scale and enhance their bottom line.”

Now partnering with RAI Digital, Health Catalyst will seek to build a client base in the region (the Middle East is a greenfield market), leveraging RAI’s network of healthcare executives and organisations across the Middle East. RAI Digital will support the partnership from its offices in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) and the UAE (Abu Dhabi).

“We are eager to deliver on the promise of data-driven healthcare improvement in the Middle East and look forward to partnering with RAI Digital in support of this mission.”

RAI Digital is the award-winning digital consulting arm of RAI, an 80-strong professional services firm that also offers audit and tax services.

“The power of data is primed to transform the healthcare sector. Through our partnership with Health Catalyst, we will bring the best analytics capabilities to our clients coupled with in-depth local healthcare expertise to improve and transform healthcare and patient outcomes,” said Khalid Bohoudi, Vice President of Digital Health at RAI Digital.

As part of the partnership, RAI Digital will adapt Health Catalyst’s solutions to provide for regional-specific solutions. “These will be tailored to Middle East healthcare business practices.”

The new set of data science technologies will become part of RAI Digital’s broader healthcare offering. “We solve complex problems in the healthcare sector by blending design, engineering, and consulting into a single multi-disciplinary offering.”

According to recent research, data-driven working is one of the five key factors driving investments in the Middle East’s healthcare scene.