Abu Dhabi’s Ma’an enjoys pro-bono support from consultancies

04 August 2022 Consultancy-me.com 3 min. read

Ma’an, one of Abu Dhabi’s leading organisations for social and community impact, has completed its latest cycle of programs – with pro-bono support from consulting firms McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, EY and Oliver Wyman.

Founded in 2019 by the Department of Community Development, Ma’an has one key mission: delivering ideas and solutions for the “common good” in Abu Dhabi’s society. The organisation encourages the birth of new ideas, forms the bridge between government and private sector with non-profit associations and social enterprises, and channels funds and grants.

In the words of the institution’s founder, “Ma’an looks beyond the horizon to help transform society where social capital, shared value and shared responsibility become an intrinsic thread in our social fabric.”

Abu Dhabi’s Ma’an enjoys pro-bono support from consultancies

An integral part of Abu Dhabi’s overall social development framework (which aims to help grow Abu Dhabi’s economy and positively impact people’s lives), Ma’an operates a wide-ranging portfolio of initiatives and programs.

Programs are supported by several stakeholders, including key partners ADCB and ADIB, Khalifa University, Aldar Education, Emirates Foundation and Abu Dhabi Global Markets. These and other supportive companies bring in funding, expertise, knowledge and delivery support, among others, to bring Ma’an’s main objectives to life.

Behind the scenes, four global consulting firms – McKinsey & Company, DeloitteEY and Oliver Wyman – are playing their part. The consulting firms all provide pro-bono support to one or more programs.

In a post on LinkedIn, Ma’an demonstrated its appreciation of the support from the consultancies, thanking the firms for their “key contribution”  to the setup and delivery of programs and their ability to “bring global best practices to tackle major challenges and priorities faced by the Abu Dhabi community.”

Among Ma’an’s key programs are Ghaya, Journey of Generations, Community Volunteer, and Let’s Connect:

The Ghaya program educates participants in financial literacy, the importance of saving, spending and debt on their personal life, and the consequences of not managing finances. This program is in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Global Markets Academy and the London Institute for Banking and Finance, and the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, and the UAE Banks Federation.

Journey of Generations
An intergenerational engagement program bringing together senior citizens and residents with youth volunteers to address the seniors’ challenges of inclusion and activation, and health. This program is in partnership with Almubarakah Foundation.

Community Volunteer
The Community Volunteer program offers a fresh approach to volunteering, where individuals will have the opportunity to volunteer through their respective government entities and alongside their family to contribute to their community and support in addressing social challenges in the Abu Dhabi community.

Let’s Connect
Let’s Connect is a 10-week virtual initiative with free participation for communities across Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The program aims to create a sense of social inclusion and belonging among Abu Dhabi residents, and focuses on four community areas: health & wellness, business & coaching, community and arts & culture.