Q&A with Phoenix Consulting Founder and CEO Zahi Mimassi

23 November 2023 Consultancy-me.com 4 min. read
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Zahi Mimassi is the founder and CEO at Phoenix Consulting, a consulting firm specialised in human capital and talent management solutions. We sat down with Zahi to find out more about Phoenix Consulting, its growth since the inception, and how the firm helps clients spearhead change across the region.

How has Phoenix Consulting evolved since the early days?

Since establishing Phoenix Consulting in 2010, we have always adopted a client-centric approach, focusing on building long-term relationships and co-creating solutions with clients. This involves a deeper understanding of client needs and a collaborative problem-solving approach. An important element here is understanding the regional and local culture(s) and being very attentive to the different parameters associated to them.

Q&A with Phoenix Consulting Founder and CEO Zahi Mimassi

We are one of just a handful of consulting firms that have boots on the ground in 5 countries in the MENA region, where we have our own offices and people.

An important pillar that facilitated our growth is our B2B model. Phoenix Consulting currently has more than 30 global, regional and local consulting firms that rely on us in some capacity – be it in designing and delivering solutions, or in simply selling our tools and products.

Our operating model can be characterised as flexible and agile. We embrace remote work and have a strong network of associates and independent experts that we work with. Both feats enables us to adapt to ongoing changes in business dynamics and to be responsive to our clients where support is needed.

Phoenix Consulting offers a range of consulting services to its clients. What are the key areas of strength?

Phoenix Consulting started with three major service lines tackling the core human capital challenges: 1) the organisational challenges 2) the reward challenges 3) the talent management challenges.

Central in our approach is that we do not go into any service unless we have the proper infrastructure in place, things such as know-how, track record, partnerships, database, and so on. Our strength is that we have deep domain expertise in our fields of service and our people are experts in their respective profession.

Alongside advisory services, Phoenix Consulting also has a training arm and a talent assessment arm. How do these practices complement the firm’s offering?

Indeed, in 2012 we added a service line focused on providing training solutions. This addition came in response to client demands, and aligns with our vision to not only provide advice and support around talent, but also to help organisations embed solutions within their DNA and ensure they are capable of driving change themselves with an internal capacity.

Clients value the fact that we can now answer all their needs across the full value chain, from advisory through to delivery and capability building.

Having grown our training offerings across our portfolio, in January 2023 we merged all of our training offerings under one umbrella: Phoenix Academy. The Academy is a unit under Phoenix Consulting.

Can you share examples of flagship client projects the firm has delivered?

We are mostly active in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt and Lebanon. We have hundreds of clients (most are in fact listed on Phoenix Consulting’s website) and we are proud of so many different projects for all kinds of reasons!

Key from our perspective is that we are proud of our clients regardless of the volume of transactions. We care about every client and provide similar attention to all of them. Efficiency and quality are deeply engrained in our DNA.

Looking ahead, what are some of the ambitions going forward as Phoenix Consulting approaches its Ivory (14th year) anniversary?

Our ambition is twofold. First, we aim to consolidate and expand our position as one of the leading 10 boutique HR consulting firms in the MENA region.

Second, we have plans to broaden the breadth of our services to also provide full fledge consulting services to all support functions – beyond just HR. This will be provided through a new sister company. We have already laid the foundation for the expansion through the build up of expertise and an infrastructure – and even won a few projects in the space. In 2024, we will accelerate this development.

Underpinning all what we do is our belief in investing in technology. Phoenix Consulting will invest in its digital offerings and enhance its suite of digital solutions.