Transform events management with TAM's Jovial

31 May 2024 4 min. read
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By adopting smart technologies, companies in the event management sector can visibly elevate their offerings, enhancing the entire customer experience while maximizing revenue opportunities. Operating at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s event management sector is TAM’s digital product, Jovial.

Currently valued at around $600 million per year, Saudi Arabia’s event management sector is growing strongly, with the industry expected to surpass the $1 billion mark by 2030. This growth is driven by Vision 2030, which has placed events in areas such as sports, music, theatre, art, and knowledge at the heart of the Kingdom’s profound socio-economic transformation.

The success of any event hinges on having a strong operation – this is where event management systems (EMS) come in, to help run and consolidate the end-to-end processes.

Jovial - TAM

“An event management system is essential from an operational aspect of managing and organizing events,” explained Dr. Mazen Melibari, Partner and Chief Technology Officer at TAM. “It enables customers to seamlessly book events, and event organizers to maximize the value they bring to their customers while ensuring an effective and secure operation.”

Melibari, a leading expert in artificial intelligence, has pioneered groundbreaking advancements in machine learning. The team he leads at TAM – an award-winning Saudi digital solutions and advisory company – has developed one of the industry’s leading solutions in the space, used by large sport organizers and cultural institutions such as Saudi Arabia’s National Museum.

Jovial, as the EMS is branded, is part of TAM’s broader portfolio of solutions, known as Verse. Designed with the customer at the outset, Jovial “curates entertainment itineraries, completes ticket reservations, makes secure online payments, and maintains a comprehensive record of tickets, financial transactions, and customer service requests.”

The system offers a seamless onboarding process wherever customers find themselves in the event management lifecycle. “This is achieved through the provision of personalized onboarding experiences, expertly designed to meet the unique requirements of every single user.”

For event organizers, Jovial enables them to present their full catalogue of events: one-day events, multi-day events, private gatherings, bespoke experiences, group outings, and festivals, as well as musical and sporting spectacles. Jovial can accommodate bookings from single customers to group gatherings of over 250,000 attendees, while its seat map feature helps organizers populate seat overviews of their location.

Beyond one-off purchases, Jovial also has in-built functionality which helps organizers sell memberships. “Jovial facilitates the management of various membership options, including yearly, bi-yearly, and monthly subscriptions.”

Mazen Melibari, Partner and Chief Technology Officer, TAM

Digitizing the chain

With the help of automation, Jovial takes digital to the next level. By digitizing event management processes, Jovial helps organizers reduce workload, saving time and costs. Key insights also improve the preparation phase of events, including event logistics, updates, and changes.

From a technical standpoint, the system can be fully integrated with other systems, meaning Jovial feeds into financial systems for transparency in margins and profits, and reporting systems for compliance and management information.

For sales and marketing teams, Jovial powers promotions of all kinds, including targeted email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and other channels.

Standing out in a competitive field

The market for event management systems is crowded – a simple search online rapidly yields dozens of similar systems on offer. So how does TAM’s solution stand out? “Indeed, there is intense competition in the space,” Melibari acknowledged. “Jovial has been design-led with the Saudi market in mind, and as a result, the system offers a suite of unique features tailored to the specific needs of the Saudi market.”

“These features span the management of a wide spectrum of event types through a unified solution, a seamless interface, a state-of-the-art technology engine, and a versatile design that caters to all kinds of event organizers. We can safely say that we really have a winning proposition”, Melibari concluded.