TAM's KnowHub LMS drives upskilling of Saudi public institutions

18 September 2023 Consultancy-me.com 4 min. read

With Saudi Arabia’s public and private sector needing to rapidly upskill to deliver the ambitions of Vision 2030, many organisations are turning to digital learning platforms for support. TAM’s KnowHub solution plays a central role in the upskilling ambitions of public entities, offering a tailored experience for individuals and learning groups.

TAM, a Saudi publicly listed company specialised in digital solutions and consulting company with offices in Riyadh and Jeddah, is supporting 50+ public-owned institutions with their learning & development endeavours, from strategy and program delivery through to the technology backbone needed for embedding the learning transition.

Part of the digital-side of TAM’s learning & development offering, KnowHub is the firm’s custom-built learning management system (LMS) that helps organisations run their learning delivery operations.

KnowHub - Embark on Your Educational and Exploration Journey

The solution allows the learning department to showcase its catalogue of learning interventions from different learning providers across all learning types (from longer programs to short workshops or e-learnings) and channels (physical, online, virtual reality).

Individuals meanwhile use the LMS to construct their learning plans, sign-up to courses, and keep track of their performance and certifications. “KnowHub helps people organise their learning plans and guides them through their personal development journey over time,” explained Mazen Melibari, Partner and Chief Technology Officer at TAM.

The KnowHub solution – one of eight solutions under the mantle of TAM Verse – also helps organisations ensure a smooth onboarding for new hires. Through tailored onboarding developments routes (by function/role), new colleagues are walked through what is expected from them and receive the knowhow needed to deliver their responsibilities.

While the LMS market is a highly competitive space in Saudi Arabia, KnowHub provides according to Melibari a highly differentiated offering – in part due to its ability to offer features that address specific needs in the Saudi market.

This includes integration with commonly used local systems, enabled by data-driven approaches of generating insights to the organisations; locally storing all the data securely by matching to the governmental regulations; allowing organisations to customise full learning journeys based on their educational tracks; and providing tailored learning experiences.


In particular, KnowHub’s user-focused functionalities stand out. For example, KnowHub allows learners to directly access training experts, meaning they can receive guidance and feedback in real-time. “This makes the learning experience clearer and more engaging, enhancing the whole process.”

When a learning process concludes, the platform enables the appreciation of learner achievements through the issuance of certificates and recognitions.

Further, the platform’s dashboard enables easy progress monitoring and performance evaluation; providing learners with actionable insights while empowering tutors to apply learner data to evaluate performance and build intelligence-driven improvement plans.

Case in the cultural and educational sector 

Asked for an example of KnowHub in action, Melibari points to a major learning transformation embarked on by two organisations in the cultural and educational sectors with 248,000 total submission and over 144,000 active students across Saudi Arabia.

TAM was involved in providing onboarding, training, and support services to the clients, and helped them implement and adopt KnowHub. The delivered results included personalised training sessions, documentation, and continuous support to ensure a smooth roll-out and maximum user uptake.

“The learning curve faced by Saudi Arabia amid 2030’s goals is huge,” admitted Melibari, “and we are proud to be playing an important role in supporting this transition.”

Alaa AlMadhoun, Product Manager at TAM, added: “Digital transformation is fundamental for moving toward Vision 2030. TAM’s KnowHub empowers organisations to embrace this evolution by enabling learners, promoting innovation, and ensuring that Saudi Arabia’s workforce is well-equipped to lead the country into its next phase of prosperity.”

“This is not just about having experts come in and execute every transformation to create a modernised economy,” continued Melibari. “Advisors have to partner with their clients, and transfer their knowledge to the staff of public and private institutions they assist, so that in the long-term they know how to lead and deliver change themselves.”

“Our goal is to help our client achieve their learning objectives effectively. Our combined consulting and Knowhub solution means that we can offer end-to-end services to align with the organisation’s unique needs. That won’t just help them to work more effectively now, but also in the future.