AGOC brings in Agile Dynamics for organizational design

17 May 2024 3 min. read

Aramco Gulf Operations Company has selected Agile Dynamics as its lead consulting partner for organizational design.

Established in 2000, Aramco Gulf Operations Company (AGOC) oversees the Saudi Government’s share of oil production and hydrocarbon products in the divided zone, managing four key oil fields: Khafji, Hout, Lulu, and Dorra.

A full subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, AGOC operates independently with its own board of directors, driven by a vision to create a self-sufficient and aligned Khafji Joint Operation. This vision emphasizes excellence in employee and resource management to maximize stakeholder benefits.

AGOC brings in Agile Dynamics for organizational design

To achieve this vision, AGOC seeks to shape its organization with the optimal number of skilled personnel at the right cost. Recognizing the need for expert advisory to achieve excellence in its organizational design and seize future opportunities, AGOC is partnering with Agile Dynamics.

Also known as the ‘employee architecture’ of an organization, organizational design lays out the foundation for how an organization is organized and operates, including structures, systems, roles, processes, and formal reporting relationships.

The Agile Dynamics team will focus on several key areas to support AGOC’s organizational design. The project will begin with setup and initial diagnostics to understand the current state and map out the desired future state. This will be followed by business design and smart workload analysis, establishing the organizational design and workforce plan baseline for the next 12-24 months.

An internal workforce dynamics assessment will examine the flow of people within the organization. Next, a job architecture framework will be developed to align employees with specific jobs based on requirements, competencies, and responsibilities. A competency model will be defined, outlining the skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed for successful job performance.

Career pathing and succession planning will also be a focus, developing models and paths to facilitate employee development. Finally, employee assessments and development efforts will be conducted to evaluate and enhance employees' competencies, driving professional growth and ensuring the company's long-term sustainability.

The project team

Leading the engagement from Agile Dynamics side are partners Christopher Page and Paul Lalovich, who are supported by a team consisting of a project manager, consulting associates, and senior colleagues with expertise in human resources, organizational development and communications.

Page serves as the dedicated Client Manager for the program and SteerCo representative. Lalovich serves as the designated Engagement Manager and leads the program team. In the role, he will spend significant time on the ground at AGOC, participating in key meetings and interactions with AGOC stakeholders.

A recognized consultancy in the area of organizational design and strategic workforce planning, Agile Dynamics will leverage its capabilities in the field to ensure an effective strategy and delivery, including knowledge transfer and capability development within Aramco Gulf Operations Company.

Last year, Saudi Aramco made history after becoming the first Middle East company to make the world’s Most Innovative Companies list. The Saudi company is the globe’s largest oil producer and exporter.