Consulum is a government advisory firm dedicated to helping governments develop, lead and deliver positive programmes that successfully promote their global interests.​

With decades at the highest levels of government, Consulum’s 130+ specialists have the experience and expertise to help governments enhance their standing on the world stage and achieve their global objectives.​

The integration of strategy, policy and communications – in both the design and execution of programmes – sits at the heart of our philosophy, because silos dilute impact while integration maximises it.

What we offer

Exclusively focused on government
We work exclusively with governments and their leaders and with organisations that have the mandate to drive national, regional and local development.

Integration of strategy, communications and policy
From design to execution, integration sits at the heart of our philosophy because silos dilute while integration maximises impact.

Delivered by world-leading government experts
Our staff have worked at the highest levels of government and bring their expertise and experience to the challenges our clients face.

Committed to excellence and going the extra mile
Nothing is more important to us than the quality of our work and the commitment we show our clients.

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