KPMG Bahrain launches Operations Consulting service line

15 February 2015 2 min. read

Big Four professional services firm KPMG Bahrain has launched a new operations consulting service offering expert guidance to local businesses on best practices to eliminate inefficiencies and enhance their profitability.

To better serve clients in the consulting space, KPMG’s Advisory arm – one of the three divisions alongside Audit and Tax – has launched a new offering focused on operational efficiency. The unit, named ‘Operations Consulting’, will have a cross-industry focus, including the public sector, oil and gas, financial services, retail, and manufacturing.

And as businesses across all sectors in the region reel from the recent drop in oil prices, the head of management consulting for KPMG in Bahrain, Nael Nasr, believes that KPMG is well-placed to help steer the ship during these troubled times. “Businesses are looking for ways to adapt to the tough current economic situation and we are bringing our proven experience, global capabilities and benchmarks to Bahrain to help them do this,” he said.

KPMG Bahrain launches Operations Consulting service line

Nasr continued; ‘We strongly believe this is an opportune time to introduce this cross industry service to Bahrain as it has a direct and tangible impact on businesses' top and bottom-lines.” As such, KPMG Bahrain will direct its attention across both lines for clients to identify areas for improved efficiency and profit maximisation.

With the aid of sophisticated diagnostic tools, such areas of focus will include, among others, supply chains, workforce and equipment productivity, and sales and customer service, offering potential clients both a greater all-round view and a better understanding of the correct path ahead.  

Heading up the new operations, Nasr has been with KPMG since 2013, and has a wealth of experience dating back to 1996 when he began his career with a stint at PwC in London, followed by a long tenure with Accenture across their offices in London, Miami, Atlanta and Rome, eventually rising to the position of Managing Director.

Complementing Nasr’s personal experience is the added weight and expertise of KPMG, with Bahrain to mirror its global service within Advisory; operations consulting being one of the firm’s largest service-lines. Globally, KPMG has a revenue of $24.8, with $9.1 billion coming in from its advisory services. Over 200 of its staff are currently based in Bahrain.