Bahrain a 'country to watch' for GCC contact center outsourcing

05 May 2021 2 min. read

A host of favourable conditions position Bahrain as a potential global hotspot for contact-centre outsourcing – according to a new report by UK-based consultancy and research house Ryan Strategy Advisory.

The research was conducted on behalf of Manama-based business process outsourcing company Silah Gulf, for an overview of Bahrain’s potential to navigate a booming outsourced services market worldwide. And the results are overwhelmingly positive. 

According to Ryan Strategic Advisory founder and principal analyst Peter Ryan, globalenterprises are on the lookout for alternative outsourcing hubs – as a way of securing business continuity and risk management. “Bahrain is emerging as one of the countries to watch for nearshore contact center delivery within the GCC and in targeted Western European locations,” said Ryan. 

Bahrain a 'country to watch' for GCC contact center outsourcing

Several factors are at play here. For one, the country is highly accessible – with modern airports in most major cities and strong interconnectivity. “For contact center decision-makers who prioritize ease of access and minimal connections, Bahrain’s accessibility is a clear advantage,” said Ryan. 

Then there is the country’s demographic composition. Per the report, businesses are no longer looking for the cheapest option for outsourcing. With customer experience taking centre stage in a pandemic-stricken economy, the quest is now for high-quality service providers that can serve a wide client base.

“Many enterprises are actively exploring new delivery points looking beyond their own backyard and considering locations that have the capacity to provide talent that is willing to address the needs of end-users in an efficient and enthusiastic way,” noted Ryan.

Bahrain’s population is young – one-third under the age of 25 – and diverse, home to a large pool of expats from Asia, Europe and the US. The breadth of language – Arabic, English, Hindi, Tagalog, etc – and cultural affinity on offer is highly appealing for global enterprises. 

Topping this off is a favourable business environment, where labour rates are highly affordable, and the tax regime falls among the easiest to navigate in the world. With all these favourable conditions, Bahrain could well become a regional and global hub for contact-centre outsourcing in the future.