Four Principles deepens warehousing expertise with SmartLOG

01 February 2022 2 min. read

Four Principles has inked a collaboration agreement with SmartLOG, a Spanish company specialised in logistics automation, with the aim of expanding its presence in the region’s warehousing landscape.

The partnership between the logistics group and consulting firm builds on a relationship that goes back early 2021, when the two started collaborating on an engagement for a shared client in Saudi Arabia.

Founded in 2016, SmartLOG is a provider of intralogistics solutions – systems that automate material handling and tracking in plants such as factories, distribution centres, airports and warehouses.

Four Principles deepens warehousing expertise with SmartLOG

With robotisation a major area of efficiency for logistical and transport groups, SmartLOG is seeing growing demand for its services from across the region, particularly in the UAE and KSA markets. “The warehouse automation market is experiencing a boom throughout the Middle East due to the exponential growth that e-commerce and e-grocery companies are showcasing,” said Gonzalo Gomez, New Markets Research Manager at SmartLOG.

By partnering with Four Principles, the Spanish company aims to deepen its network and lift its authority in the region. Gomez: “This partnership allows SmartLOG direct access to the Middle East market and reinforces our brand, with case studies and a strategic partner well recognised across the region.”

Established in 2010, Four Principles is an award-winning management consulting firm that specialises in operations, lean and process excellence. The firm offers data-driven consultancy services to constantly improve customers’ business by utilising the Japanese Lean and Kaizen philosophies.

Four Principles has a strong presence in manufacturing environments, as well as in the logistics and transport sector. By blending “SmartLOG’s extensive experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining intralogistics solutions” with “Four Principles’ expertise in operations and project management”, the two companies expect to bring a unique offering to the market.

Both companies have agreed to on a quarterly basis measure performance and evaluate the progression of business opportunities and projects.