Four Principles to lead Kaizen program in Saudi's education sector

18 May 2022 2 min. read

The General Administration of Education in Jeddah and Community Jameel Saudi Arabia have selected Four Principles as its consulting partner for a major Lean Management program.

In line with the goals of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, the Ministry of Education is aiming to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the schooling system.

One of the vision’s drivers is embedding a culture of “continuous improvement that can help drive the excellence and competitiveness of the education sector,” said Hassan Jameel, Vice Chairman of Community Jameel Saudi.

Four Principles to lead Kaizen program in Saudi's education sector

Also known as Kaizen (the methodology was concepted in Japan), continuous improvement and lean are methods of working that optimise processes and resources through a continued effort on reducing time, waste and costs while preserving focus on user centricity.

According to Jameel, “introducing the Kaizen methodology will strengthen the quality of education in schools across the Kingdom.”

Under the guidance of Four Principles, schools in the Kingdom will apply the Lean Management approach to a wide range of administrative and educational processes. “This will help re-design working methods, build new capabilities and skills, and increase organisational capacity,” explained Mansour Al-Qahtani, Principal of Qurtubah Private School.

This school in Jeddah will serve as the pilot for the wider program, with learnings from the pilot to be used for enhancing the approach applied at the next schools lined up. “At Qurtubah Private School, we will perform a three-stage approach,” said Seif Shieshakly, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Four Principles.

“We will first assess the school’s situation in detail, then identify improvements and test solutions, and obviously follow that up with measuring the performance and the effectiveness of solutions applied.” Shieshakly added that the project aims to help the school “redesign its management methods, build new competencies and proficiencies, and raise levels of efficiency among students, teachers and school management.”

“Our main goal is to bring operational excellence and spread the continuous improvement mindset to the schools in the Kingdom. We are proud to be supporting the Ministry of Education and Community Jameel Saudi with their ambitious transformation plan.”