Kinetic Consulting launches AI consulting platform Macky AI

16 November 2023 3 min. read

Boutique consulting company Kinetic Consulting has launched a new AI platform that brings high value consulting to the fingertips of small and mid-sized business.

Named ‘Macky AI’, the platform is powered by OpenAI’s award-winning technology and helps clients (and peers) tap into the power of artificial intelligence to develop insights, deliverables and even solutions.

Joe Tawfik, the founder of Macky AI, said that the tool embodies the natural evolution of the consulting profession, while empowering small and mid-sized business to gain access to quality insights and services that typically remain out of their reach.

Kinetic Consulting launches AI consulting platform Macky AI

“Technological advances, such as artificial intelligence, are disrupting the delivery of consulting,” said Tawfik, a Dubai-based partner at Kinetic Consulting. “While AI still has significant steps to take, the advancement of generative AI technology has reached a point where it is now highly useful in a business environment.”

Developed by experts in consulting and artificial intelligence / machine learning, Macky AI operates in similar fashion to ChatGPT, offering an intuitive prompt-based environment for questions and answers.

“No training is required for employees to begin taking advantage of the consulting platform. No knowledge is required on how to prompt the AI to get the right output or determine if the output is suitable,” said Tawfik, who added that the platform’s creators have invested enormous amounts of time in making sure that the platform’s engine is smart in its recommendations around prompts and guidelines.

50+ business categories

The creators of Macky AI have curated the types of everyday requirements of key departments in a business and what type of suitable output can be generated from a generative AI solution. In total, over 50 business categories are covered.

An example may be generating something as simple as a job description for a new employee or something more complex, such as creating a new business process or reengineering an existing one. Another notable examples include prompts for analysing a profit and loss statement to identify cost savings, or developing a 12-month sales plan to boost commercials.

“These are requests where clients typically would hire consultants. Macky AI can deliver such deliverables in seconds, reducing the cost of everyday consulting needs for companies,” Tawfik said. “By empowering SMEs with affordable consulting outputs for business tasks, we are helping them overcome everyday business challenges and thrive in the future.”

SMEs represent more than 90% of the companies and institutions in most nations, and in the Gulf, they contribute more than 50% to the country’s GDP. These types of companies are often overlooked by the mainstream consultancies. “Macky AI is designed to democratise consulting, making it accessible to all organisations regardless of size,” he continued.

The consultant and the companion

Tawfik said that Kinetic Consulting has the ambition to establish Macky AI as the ‘ideal consulting companion’ for any SME business. The tool also could help consultants, such as independents, thrive in their work.

“The future of consulting will be an augmentation between AI and human consultants. This is the inevitable evolutionary path. Humans will always be needed, but technology will become an indispensable companion.”

With similar AI tools sprouting all over the world, Macky AI is the first such platform to emerge from the Middle East. “AI is reshaping the consulting industry, and Macky AI is at the forefront of the developments.”